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Is there a 'better' page length, in terms of SEO?

My current site has around 200 words on each page. I am re-doing the site.

Should I write more?
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    I use 800 words. I invest mainly in informational sites...

    <a href="https://changeyourbudget.com/save-money-on-your-water-bill/">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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    I like to have my pages filled with about 400-700 words of quality content. But, I've not had a lot of success, so what do I know?
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      I am selling a service, so I'm not trying to be informative - just want to showcase my offering.

      Could I get away with 200 words? Or is that too few in Google's eyes?


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    Look at your competitor's pages.

    Positions 1 - 5. Do any of them have 200 words per page? 500? 1000? Is their content unique? Do they provide information in addition to selling their product?
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    I prefer going with 800+, but you should have atleast 500 words per article....
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      They are not articles!


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    Don't over-analyze it.

    More content is often a good piece of advice but whether you have 200 words or 1200 words you should focus more on the quality of the writing. Don't just fill your page with boring crap for the sake of stuffing more words into your page.

    If your 200 words are 200 words of high quality content which explains everything about the subject matter on the page then that is all you need.

    Concentrate now on your offpage SEO campaign and building more high quality backlinks.
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    I am also using 500 words per page.

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    200 should be fine. I usually go to 400-500, but as long as those 200 words are high-quality, original and good, then you shouldn't have a problem.
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