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by mrgee
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Hi All..
I have a small senior dating review site. Keyword phrase gets about 12,000 exacts per month. My website ranks nowhere on Google but at the top on Bing and first page of Yahoo .
This sites does not make me a fortune but daily makes around $2 with a fantastic CTR of 50%..
My point is dont forget about the other search engines.. especially for certain niches.. I think perhaps in this case, because the keywords target an older demographic..maybe Bing is used more often by older people, since it comes as default with windows explorer..
Anyway whatever the reasons folks you can still make money without Google..
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    you can't forget about the other search engines still need the big G. Also, I find if you rank really well for Google, the other search engines are soon to follow. thanks for the reminder.
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      I have found in my experience of running over 300 niche sites that when I rank really well in google, usually my sites are hard to find on Bing...

      I am not entirely sure why that is, i know that bing does not really care as much for backlinks and most likely wants social signals for example, likes from facebook and tweets.

      Thats just my view of the way bing works, i have not spent a great deal of time to investigate what works well with bing, but eventually it will be worth while start looking in to it as G becomes harder and harder to please
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    Well, even me too on top 10 on Bing and Yahoo for about 3 keywords on my niche for last 10 days, but still I did not get even a single click from them. I am sure Google is the best traffic generator for whatever the niche is, You cannot ignore Google as far as the traffic from Google is massive.
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    We have had clients who have had success with bing for their offline businesses but even though we most of our IM success comes from Google we have had some from bing as well so it is important to not ignore the other search engines but Google is def the key one

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    Ive never had any luck with bing and yahoo as far as making sales. But the traffic seems to be there
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