How to Index a Website Within 4 Hours?

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I have had my sites indexed but I was wondering if anybody knew methods to make it happen fast. Thanks a lot.
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    Placing links to your websites in your WF signature can result in seriously fast indexing. This would be the case for any big, active forum. These forums are spidered all the time. I think it may depend on post count, how quickly you get indexed, but I can have sites indexed using my signature within a couple of hours.

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    you can do it cheap and dirty by setting up a blog in blogger (Owned by google), put up a post with a link to your site, and also add the site into the blogs navigation. This tends to get most pages indexed by google very rapidly. Follow it up by using pingomatic. Seems to work well overall
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    If you are running WP blog putting a great ping list in there will get your site indexed within minutes of making a new post.. Indexed is nice, but it's only the first step in the process..
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    I always use the scrapebox rapid indexer, and blast my sites to 72k "what's your websites value" sites and such.
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    Add your site URL to, then add your site to Google webmaster tools, click on Fetch as Googlebot. Your site will be indexed as well as ranked on page 1 (depending on keywords) within 3 hours, usually less. Works 100% of the time.
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    Thanks a lot for your tips. I am happy to have asked this question.

    Thanks a lot Gogetta. This should be very easy to do.

    Brad, which type of keywords can be ranked this fast by using and google webmaster tool?

    Thanks Silverace, I have never used scrapebox. I have heard about it. It seems to be able to send a lot of backlinks rather fast.

    Thank you Feydakin. Where could I find a good ping list?

    Adsenselive, you have given a step by step tip. Thank you very much.

    I will have to work on building backlinks for the long term for my sites. Thank you Dreamhostcoupon.
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    I have found that doing the link reinforcement is the fastest. Get a link from a big site that gets crawled regularly and then send links to that link. Hope that was of help
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    When I make my site I block search engines, then I add all the content, then I allow search engines. Submit to google and social bookmark it. It usually gets indexed within an hour or two, but some sites take days.
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    if you want to index your site in a couple of hours then first of all you need to create a sitemap and upload it to google webmaster tool and then you need to ping your sitemap to pingler or pingomatic so your site indexed in couple of hours by all search engines.
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    Adding links to the fetch as Google tool in webmaster tools can help you to achieve faster indexing.
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