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Most webmasters are doing SEO considering Google only. I would like to know which things to keep in mind while doing SEO for Google as well as Yahoo? Means SEO for Yahoo without any effect on Google result.
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    Why would you want to do that?

    1000's of IT jobs in the UK online now at Dice

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    Its true that 75% webmaster doing SEO for Google and 25% using yahoo and other search engines. As per my knowledge we are using the common site for submission so search engine crawler come and crawl the site that also effect SERPs and the main is on site optimization as yahoo gives more importance to on page work.
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    I think the reason behind google crawl the site eagerly then yahoo that is the reason web masters like to use google then yahoo.
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    seo method is common for all search engine but google is more sensitive than other so we alwayz use to do seo with google
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      The Google strategy in terms of SEO is a lot different from that of yahoo. Google has a much better social media record site than that of yahoo because of YouTube. With the implementation of Google Buzz as the new social networking site of Google, Google aims to dominate and promote their website in a way that it combines all the factors that Yahoo, facebook and twitter has and combining it with their company in order to show that it can dominate the cyberspace.
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    It is definitely suggested to work on SEO projects which at the end will help websites getting finer ranks on both Google and Yahoo but the point is that since the majority of people and net surfers today access Google to find products and information and based on experience, having a top-ranking website on Google, especially in competitive niches can be better than a similar case on Yahoo in terms of traffic, so no wonder most admins of sites focus on Google these days.

    Many people have even totally forgotten to check their ranks on Yahoo or Bing for a long time because they seem to be very happy with their current web stats on Google. But the suggested approach would be trying to miss no opportunities while entering the net world, because millions of people everyday use Yahoo to find data online and it is great to optimize ranks of websites on Yahoo as well. Sometimes it's a bit difficult trying to improve ranks of sites on all search engines.
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    I hear people say Google likes more off site seo - backlinks and the quality of them, where Yahoo and Bing still like backlinks, but they also like on page seo optimization more than Google. I have never spent too much time with that to see because Yahoo and Bing combined never come close to sending anywhere near what Google does. To me it was a waste of time.
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  • I think both have different algorithms so strategy must be different for ranking in both yahoo and google.
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