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i have made google keyword search in my country and not in english by the way
i found a keyword idea

this is Exact

i tried to search it in google after (it's sport like football or something that people search for it watch vids )
i found 65 total pages in google

first page
first 3# youtube videos related about the keyword
other 7# forums have section about this sport or an article but not Specialized on this keyword
so tell me it's a good keyword to start ?any ideas
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    my suggestion is "Give it a shot" , wait for results.
    PM me, If you want to do swap .THx
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    Yeah, worth to try the keyword

    Limo Hire London

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    I wouldn't go on a keyword for broad. Only exact because i want to know exactly how many people are searching that term a month. Even though google keyword tool isn't 100% accurate, It's more accurate then others.
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      That's correct we are not found the accurate quantity of result at SERPs while searching. For keyword research i m using the adword tool and its easy as well good too. We should check the searches mainly for any specific area. The best keyword can be used which has low competition and high searches.
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    ok it's 135,000 global and 60,500 local so i can target these keyword and more that have 0 competation and high searches so it's looks good
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    I am assuming this KW research for an organic SEO campaign.

    Based on what you have said, it sounds like the competition is not too stiff (you haven't mentioned anything about number of backlinks, PR/age of pages, but the fact that you have only have Youtube and forum posts on the front page sounds promising). I would be concerned with two things:
    (1) Low Advertiser competition. Not many advertisers are targeting the keyword. [You may be getting this confused with SEO competition, which it is not]
    (2) If it is a video site, I think your CTR is going to be crap. If people come to this type of site to be entertained, you won't be getting that may clicks.

    If you can quickly build the site and your SEO costs are low, then I would recommend pursuing the project. If building the content and the site takes a great deal of time, this project may not be worth pursuing.
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    thx bambu for your analyses i think it won't take much time
    videos will be embed from youtube and i will write descriptions for each vid
    i can write article but i don't know if it will help or no cuz ppl just watching it just they rarely interested in articles
    so article needed anyway whatever they want or no ? or forget it
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    AS it is showing on the first page, just search it again.
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    To help analyze the competition, try to use traffic travis. Its free and good.

    but the most important part is we try to rank first, then we will know how difficult the "real" competition is.

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    google adwords is a good tool for google keyword research.
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    what do the little numbers mean by the competition metric?

    Get Keyword Reseacher at

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    Keywords are search queries visitors use on search engines. Keywords are one to six words in length, with a few longer exceptions. You know your site needs keywords, but which ones? How do you research keywords? Keep reading; that's the topic of this article.

    You cannot have a successful search engine optimization campaign without keyword research. Your website must show in search results for key phrases that indicate interest in your products/services and deliver some kind of benefit to the company (sign ups, purchases, downloads, etc), so it’s important to find and test keyword phrases.
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