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by mallow
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Hi everyone

I am wondering if I build backlinks to a subdomain eg. and I redirect that subdomain to my main domain eg. will the Pagerank and link juice of the backlinks built to the subdomain count towards the main domain?

Obviously it would be easier to just build the backlinks to the main domain but without a long explanation I am not able to do that in this case.

Would redirecting the subdomain work in this case?
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    Link juice will pass but I dont recommend it. Too easy to get penalized with an algo update.
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    Yeah I agree it is not ideal.

    The situation is I engaged someone to do blog commenting/reblogging via tumblr for me and now I want to do some reblogging of my own but tumblr wont let me start another tumblr blog and under settings set it to my domain because it says my domain has already been used as a custom URL in the system.

    I have contacted the person who did the reblogging for me and asked for the details of the tumblr blogs created for my domains when he did this service but the last I heard was this service provider would "look into it" and I haven't heard anything since. I have a feeling I am not going to get the records I need.

    So I need an alternative way to be able to reblog for my domains to continue to build links to them.

    Does anyone know a way to get around this problem?
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      If it has PR, it will, but slowly over time it will disappear.
      It's better to just leave the old one up, with a link
      to the new one.

      But there is no penalty to backlinking to redirects. I'm
      not sure why the hysteria about that is.

      What do you think and other forwarders do?
      And twitter's own? I mean come on...the internet
      world thrives on redirects.

      It actually counts as a backlink to the site it forwards

      But I have no idea what in the heck you are talking about.
      You can build backlinks to the subdomain, but not the
      main domain? Man I don't know what scenario that is,
      but I can build a backlink for any friggin' domain I want.
      And since it redirects to the domain, it is actually building
      a backlink to the domain. So what the heck is your story?

      Obviously it would be easier to just build the backlinks to the main domain but without a long explanation I am not able to do that in this case.
      You are obviously not talking about backlinking....


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Thanks for answering my question Paul

    What I am talking about is where you create a Tumblr blog you then find other Tumblr blogs with pagerank and click the "reblog" button. It will then publish the article on your new tumblr blog and leave a link on the tumblr blog with pagerank saying "bla bla reblogged this..." where the bla bla is a link back to either your new tumblr blog or a custom URL that you have set in the settings for your new tumblr blog. Your custom URL can be your money site so that way you have got a link with PR.

    I'm only doing it to get some PR juice as I know that there are usually heaps of outbound links on these pages.
    The way it works though is if someone has already setup a new tumblr blog and put your money site domain in the settings as the custom URL then you will get an error message that the domain is already used as the custom URL in tumblr so I am trying to get around this.
    I hope that makes a bit more sense.

    As long as I can try to do this with some subdomains and I won't get penalized and the PR juice will flow to the money site I have redirected the subdomain to then I have a way to solve the problem of the service provider not being forthcoming with the details for the tumblr blogs he created for me.
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