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Hey warriors, I'm a student broke as a joke but I've been in IM for about 4 months. I have made this strategy up, I don't outsource anything yet since I have a lot of free time and can do everything myself.

It's similar to nick watsons strategy but without the senukex, amr, blog networks, etc.. basically all the free stuff. I would love some advice from anyone! Let me know what you think.

This is one cycle.

4 articles
2 lenses
2 hubs
2 PDFs
1 video
1 powerpoint

This is basically the manually created parts with the video embedded in the lenses and hubs.

Then I'll try to leave comments on related blogs, if applicable.

Finally the strengthening process..

I'll gather all URL's I created (above) and social bookmark them to a bunch of sites using onlywire
Then I'll add these links to the html2rss.com
Then I'll ping the RSS feeds

Soo what ya'll think? Give me some feedback! Did I miss anything important?

My sites have a very simple layout that sell amazon products, they have a clean look and offer quality info.

I forgot to add.. I will be putting two links with different anchor texts in all the manually created pages.
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    According to me if you want to get more and more traffic then you should try SMO and forums as well. through forums you can get relevant visitors which can convert into lead.
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    Hey thanks for replying.. sorry to ask this but what's SMO? Yeah I will try to post on forums! I forgot to put it up there.
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    Thanks for the tips. How many cycles you redo until your sites got to page one?

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      Originally Posted by kengperapol View Post

      Thanks for the tips. How many cycles you redo until your sites got to page one?
      Sorry man I forgot to add this note, I just made this up today. I'm not even sure if it will work. I just wanted to get some feedback from people to see if its any good.

      @samual thanks for the tip I'll try it out!
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    SMO stands for social media optimization that means you need to create a facebook profile page and try to promote your products over there
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    I think you create a page on facebook and submiit your blogs. You also go for bookmarking or directory submission for promoting through SEO
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