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My site has a section with 20 pages all giving similar information about different places, I have all the H1 tags saying almost the same thing for example Ohio information and highlights, Michigan information and highlights and so forth. I thought since each H1 tag starts with a different place or word it would be ok for everything else to be the same and google and the other SE's wouldn't think it is duplicating anything. Is this ok or should I change up the wording of the H1's. Thanks Mark
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    Sounds like you're okay. As you say each of your H1 tags is different. If you want to be 100% assured then rewrite all 20 titles. I can't see it taking longer than 20 minutes.
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  • Yea this sounds fine to me. I use the same kind of thing on my websites.
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    You could also take a look at your competitors for your keywords and see how their sites are structured. Copy the format of the top few hits and/or make yours better.

    Having nearly identical H1 keywords in a bunch of pages on your site shouldn't really hurt you, though. In fact, you might get multiple pages to rank for the same keyword. I've seen up to 3 from the same domain before.
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