Do Meta Tags still matter?

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A few years ago when I first started IM meta tags were somewhat important.

I haven't concentrated much on seo lately and I'm wondering if meta tags still matter.

I've seen many people say that they don't matter and then I've seen some people that say they still carry weight.

Just wondering if I can get the opinions of warriors.

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    Yes, meta tags still matter a lot in SEO.

    The 3 most important meta tags in order are the Title, Keywords and Description. All these will affect how you rank on the search engines.

    If you have these done right, you will have a leg up over the competition.

    Title: Include your main keyword phrase, your root keyword phrase. Keep your article short, and not too long. You can include different keyword different phrases in your title if you are optimizing for several different keywords.

    Keywords: Include your main keyword here again, but also include other 'LSI' keywords, keywords that are related to your main keyword phrase. For example, if your main keyword phrase is golf clubs, an 'LSI' keyword might be putter or irons (found those words from a quick search on Wikipedia). You can also do a search using Google's Keyword Suggestion tool and come up with alternative keywords. This is like hearing from the horse's mouth itself as to what keywords are relevant and truly LSI keywords.

    The stuff that don't matter so much anymore: one-way links, keyword density. Those stuff will still affect your SEO rankings, but they are no longer vital these days.

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    in short yes they are still counts but you should consider more on website copies,
    your site architeture when you want to skyrocket your site search engine ranking
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    Meta tags are important as it is a snippet of code that gives a brief introduction about a webpage to the search engine spider and user browser.
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    yes... sure they do!!!
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    2 things only matters in SEO for On Page SEO. Which are TITLE TAG and META DESCRIPTION. Don't forget to make it good and descriptive.
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    around 6 months ago i read form google blog that keyword meta tag is not used for ranking and now a day it's useless. also confirmed this.
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      Google does not put much weight on meta:keywords unless you have nothing else on the site to tell them what it is about.

      Bing uses them provided you do not keyword stuff.
      Use logic and keep it related to your site. A few not 50.

      Title tag, Meta description are beneficial.

      However content is King.

      Google is losing ground as Bing is gaining a greater market share.
      The interesting thing to note is Google only gained .2 % whereas Bing gained 7.5 %

      If you rely on Google for most of your traffic you will be disappointed soon.

      Organic search is only a small share in any particular niche anyway
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    Most of the meta tags are not worth considering but a few that you can use are meta description and robots tag. Also description tag is not for using keywords but to control how your site should look in the search results. Title is the most important one but it is not a meta tag.
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