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I have had my blog network for around a year now but I must admit the stress of PR updates and the time it takes to preserve the links/update links etc. is getting to me and I'd like to sell my network.

Just to make it clear there is nothing wrong with the network and I won't be revealing any details about it here.

I'd just like to know if there are any tips from warriors who have sold a network before.

I'm thinking I will need to do this via Flippa but I am worried about someone such as a Google engineer "stalking" listings in Flippa looking for people selling a network, posing as a customer and asking questions about the sites and then de-indexing the sites. I did read a story online once about a guy that had this experience - however he was selling a website via Ebay?

Any advice people might have for me would be great but I don't see how I can get around the problem of having a potential buyer send me a question or requesting the URLs in the network and me not knowing whether they are a Google spy. I'm sure no-one will invest the money to buy the network without being able to fully inspect the goods first??? I have personally spent around 10K building this network and I at least want to get my investment back....

Your ideas or thoughts about pitfalls I should avoid when selling would be great...
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    I think I would probably just post threads in forums like this (the links - buy - sell - trade section), and try selling of the domains piecemeal or in clusters. I wouldn't list the domains. Just something like

    8 PR 4 domains for sale.

    You may find someone willing to spend the cash for the whole thing, but I think a lot of people are going to be a bit hesitant for that large of a transaction.
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    Yes I know it would be a large transaction thats why I was thinking of Flippa as it seems that sites frequently sell there for large amounts. Many of the sites on Flippa are practically web businesses for sale. Someone could use the network to start a HPBL network for a monthly price if they wanted to. There are around 50 sites.

    I just wonder how I can ensure people are genuine customers and not spies? Or maybe I am a bit paranoid? lol!
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      I don't know if my idea will get you jacked up at flippa, their TOS might object, but here goes:

      Sell 1 (or 2-3 sites bundled) with the understanding that there are more to follow. The price for full disclosure is the satisfactory completion of the initial sale.


      One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

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    Complete Web Sites For Sale! is a good place for this. Or you may contact offline consultants that offer SEO services here in WF. Most of them use private blog networks in building backlinks for your clients. They might be interested if you give them great offers.

    About listing the network on buy-sell website platforms, you have to be careful on that. Always think that possible buyers of these networks are SEO guys.
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    Yes I was thinking perhaps an SEO agency would be the most interested and the most financial to acquire this type of network but I just wasn't sure how to locate them. I don't want it to come across as unsoliticited marketing or anything
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      Originally Posted by mallow View Post

      Yes I was thinking perhaps an SEO agency would be the most interested
      My problem would be that you are indicating you have a big problem keeping the links. I wouldn't want to make a sizable investment for a network the owner is giving up on because the network loses too many links

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    Please PM me or hit me up on Skype to discuss details: nicky_papers

    I've built, own, and maintain blog networks and would be interested in making an offer if what you're looking to sell is something special. I own a SEO / link building agency so you're posting in the right place. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.
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