New Google Algo Updates & Consequences

by Valera
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Fellow Warriors,

I am sure most of you are aware that panda 3.2 was released as well as the "above the fold" update that targeted sites with too many ads above the fold, which I know most adsense sites are guilty of.

There are a lot of members here that earn a decent income from adsense and possibly run sites with too many ads above the fold, or just plain agressive advertising techniques that shove ads to positions that are most likely to yield clicks.

Were you affected by the latest panda and above the fold updates, if so, how did your ranks change?
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    No changes for me. But I was already running layouts which placed the content at the top in front of the reader.

    I do have one site which has a 728x90 and a 336x280 up top. There's an equal amount of content above the fold.

    Site gets over 10,000 uniques per day and a ton of backlinks. I think that should considered as I feel this update is more of a ranking signal (like site speed) rather a penalty. If you have more positive signals than negative, then the scales tip in your favor. That seems to be case in instances of big sites having 3+ ads above the fold, and yet remaining untouched.
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    I don't really run a lot of adsense sites to be honest, most my sites are affiliate offers but I noticed some Increase in rankings after the recent update so I am happy

    I wonder how others have fared with this update
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      They did not target sites with "too many ads" above the fold.

      Why is any google update just ripe for misrepresentations?

      Most adsense users are guilty of? That's quite a blanket
      statement. What are they guilty of?


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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