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I keep seeing the message: Don't overload your articles with Keywords. I understand why you shouldn't but don't follow how to avoid it. Does it mean that I shouldn't use the SAME keyword too many times? How many times is too many times? Do I use less powerful keywords to replace the strong one? A little advice would be appreciated. :-)
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    If you do a Google search for the term "blogger high seo" you'll be able to download a free plugin for WordPress which will indicate to you when a certain article is well optimized in terms of keyword density.
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    Write an article with the topic in mind rather than the keyword. Some articles will naturally repeat variations of a keyword, but it's the variation that is good.
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    use just 10 keywords
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    Try to maintain keyword density between 2% to 4%. Use also LSI keywords.

    You should also do some decorations to your keywords, like italic, bold and underline, they help you strengthen your keyword's presence (You may want to use SEOPressor to get the best effect on On-page SEO).

    Do have helpful content, as that's what Google is looking at. Take care of your visitors' behaviour on your site and your ranking will be taken care of.

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    Depends where the article is going to be used. If you are using the article for syndication purposes to build backlinks, you don't have to worry about keyword density at all. Just make sure the article is about something relating to your niche, then the only time your keyword will be mentioned is as the anchor text for your link.

    When using your article for your website, I generally use is in my heading, the first and last paragraph and then maybe another once or twice throughout the article - never more than this. BUT make sure you use at least one or LSI keywords in the article too.

    I did another post on SEO which you might find useful:
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      I think use of all targeted keyword without do keyword stuffing is always a seo rich content.Because after google panda update Google is giving much value to original content so this is a necessary to website have a quality content.
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    I think the article write is the rich SEO for your website. when using your article for your website, definitely you will be getting more traffic on your site.
    Here is some tips for writing SEO rich articles:
    1) Titles
    2) Keyword placement
    3) Text formatting
    4) linking
    5) Tags and descriptions.

    By: DHost
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  • I try to keep keyword density between 2-3%. That said I don't think keyword density is a huge part of SEO these days, but it's still something I do.
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  • Don't use too much of keyword as it will harshly effect. Thus use less keyword approx 10 and consistent backlinking for these.
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    In case anyone is wondering, LSI keywords are words related to your keywords. So search engines know what your article is about in general without you looking like you're spamming your main keyword(s) in your article. It looks more legit (and it is).

    -Start Getting Noticed On Twitter:
    -Visit my blog: - Tips for blogging, social media marketing, and online business.

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