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I have 2 questions about AMR.

1. When you submit an article should you select a minimum Health before you submit it or should you just leave the Health as 0 or more.

Even when just changing the health from 0 or more to 5 or more, the number of article directories listed as OK goes down from about 1600 to about 400. So there's a huge difference.

2. Someone mentioned that you shouldn't submit anymore than 1 article every 3 weeks. Is this correct?

I guess the thinking behind this is so you don't get too many backlinks at once, but many article directories never approve the article anyway and even the ones that do can take many weeks.

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    I don't link from AMR articles to my money site, only to buffer sites. That way I don't have to worry so much about spin quality (it's still good so that more articles get approved) and I also don't have to worry about linking speed.

    As for the health, just try it out. Select a bunch of health 0 directories and try to submit to them. You should see pretty fast if that health value makes any sense. I haven't paid attention to health at all.
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  • Not sure about the first question, but I don't know where you heard about only submitting an article every few weeks. I have submitted 5 articles a day sometimes.
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      1.) The health score is based on the percentage of "Submissions" that are accepted and (or possibly or) published. This is derived from stats gathered from the once public database (if I understand correctly).

      If you've bought or scraped your own list, obviously numerous sites would have a health of 0 as there is no way to know if they accept articles or not. Furthermore, WP sites often have a 0 regardless.

      I would not only submit to sites with a greater than 0 health for those limit yourself.

      2.) Like Maraun said, depends on what you are linking to. I do link to my money sites and drip the posts 10-20 a day. Once a week or so I collect the livelinks and either ping them or use SocialBOT to blast the links with some Pligg bookmarks.

      Also it depends on just what they mean by 1 article every three weeks...I've blasted lots of Tier 2 links a few times a day!
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    Of course submitting an article on a High PR website would have more worth then submitting an article on 0 or a low PR website. This is the major reason as to why Guest Posting is used quite often in the current time.
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    I just ignore the health tab for the most part. I do eliminate the directories that have 404 errors and other permanent failure issues.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Originally Posted by TBInternetMarketing View Post

    Not sure about the first question, but I don't know where you heard about only submitting an article every few weeks. I have submitted 5 articles a day sometimes.
    A Warrior member said you should only submit 1 article every 3 weeks per site. They were refering to submitting articles for money sites.

    What is the minimum word count an article submitted should be? I've read some guides which say it should be at least 450 words, but i've read other guides which say it should just be at least 400 words.

    Also does the article summary need to have a minimum word count?

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