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Quick question if I can please....

I am in the UK so we generally default to When I use the adwords keyword tool, I see 'local serches' - and 'global' - (well I am presuming that is what they relate to). Is that right?

If I change to and search my keyword (or use a rank tool), I am seeing an index for based on my location of the UK. This shows my keyword as #8. I know this is not right as if I was #8 in as far as all the USA market or global search stats show, I would have many more visits per day than I currently do.

The person who has done some SEO for me (who is based in the USA) says my keyword is not #8, it is #26 which tallies to the fact I am not getting that many visitors as I would expect if I was #8. This suggests as a person in the UK, even when using, i am not seeing the same rank results as people using is the USA for example, I presume every country must have different index's.

To try and see a true reflection of, I have found a free USA based proxy and that does give me the correct rank of #26 but is a bit hit and miss and very slow as it is a free proxy.

I guess hundreds of warrior members must have this issue as everyone is based around the globe. So for those people targetting the search volume and based outside the USA, what are you doing to get accurate rank positions. I presume a paid proxy service? If so, can anyone suggest a good one. I don't want to pay out a lot as I have no real need for a proxy other than getting a true idea of rank.

I have also found this same issue with Market Samurai - The SEO competition i.e top 10 I see is different to what someone in the USA see's as this also shows my keyword at #8. This I am surprised by as I thought MS being cloud based would not be basing my top 10 SEO competition details on the UK index.

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    You don't have to use proxies to get your real keyword position.
    When checking your keyword rank position, make sure to use Google search url parameters. Like in this example: =0

    (hl=en) Language: English
    (gl=US) Geo Target: USA
    (pws=0) Disable Google Personalized Search

    If you want to get UK data based results use this (gl=UK)

    Hope this help.
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    Thanks for your answer. I am not sure it worked for Rich or not but it worked for me
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    Use rank tracker by the same buyer of seo spyglass or you can use raven seo tool though you will have to pay for both of them.
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    Thanks daguerfi, that works great for me.

    mustafizrana - I have rank tracker but I find the makers of the product take the p*ss charging an expensive subscription (which is hidden when you first buy) just to check a position in an engine. Many great bits of software do it perfectly for free or for far less so I am unsure why Rank Tracker feel the need to over charge for it. I suspect you would have the same issue though, your rank result would still depend on your IP location as to which index you get results back from.
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    If you are using latest versions of Mozilla firefox, you can download this add-on called 'Search Google Global'. Using this, you can check the result in 5 countries (USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland.
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