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I plan to apply for an adsense account.

The site I want to add to the application form as "my primary website" is an "authority" type review site with 10 unique, high quality articles with more than 1000 words each. At the end of each article I link to the respective amazon products via text link cloaked with Pretty Link PlugIn.
The site went live around 2 months ago.

My questions are:

Should I remove these and another amazon links (e.g. pictures) before I apply for an Adsense account?
If I keep them, should I "un-cloak" them?
Do amazon and adsense "work" together at all?
And: should I add more content to the site?

Thanks for your help!
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    I have removed all my ads before apply Adsense.
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    You should un-clock all the links before applying. Yes, Amazon and Adsense works together. There have no problem using those all together.
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    Yes,If you site looks spammy,clean it up and give a decent look to it before you apply for adsense.
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    Thanks so far...

    The site doesn't look spammy at all, actually the opposite is the case: the site has a great clean design based on thesis framework, no ads, very high quality content, long unique articles... So from this point of view everything should be fine. It definitely looks like an content-rich and modern authority site.

    My only concern was if I can apply for adsense while having (cloaked) amazon links at the end of the article or rather take them down until the site gets approved. I dont want to have my application declined only because of this.
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