How effective is mobile marketing?

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Mobile presence is the most recent trend than online presence, but will mobile SEO also be required to promote your client or your company more effectively?
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    it depends on the build.
    As people build their sites there are two trends that mobile sites are being built with.
    1. a .mobi url extension
    2. a

    both of these sites would still be linked to their main sites in some way. The search engines know what mobile site is working with what desktop site. Having the same meta tags, keyword , and descriptions are being indexed the same way. The only real difference is that .mobi are getting indexed and seen indexed on a desktop site. This only proves that the search engines are favoring a subdomain.

    Either way the SEO even basic will get noticed. Mobile sites that are built with WP or through templates usually do not have SEO.
    Good luck
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      Mobile marketing solutions can use more than one channel, and it can also employ a series of strategies. You would see that most mobile marketing applications are easy to apply so if you are just new to the industry, you can either learn how to do it on your own or you can also easily hire an external team to handle your marketing plan for you.
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