Using infolinks with adsense??

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Is it safe to use infolinks on a site with adsense? I don't see this very often and just wanted to make sure it was okay.
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    no problem u can use in same website
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      Awesome, thanks for replys

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    I always Use Info and adsense on same sites..
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    Hey, this is Tammy from Infolinks. Yes, you can absolutely use Infolinks and AdSense together. As a matter of fact, most of our publishers find that this combination is the best for optimized monetization.

    Happy blogging,

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    yes it is safe and you can use both on the same page to increase your earning.
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    It's okay, but Infolinks pays only a tiny fraction of what Adsense does, so I would not recommend it. Putting more ads on your page does not necessarily translate into increased revenue. I'd say most of the time it will have an adverse effect; you want people to click the Adsense ads.
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    Infolinks is the most annoying way to monetize a page on the net, I can't stand being on a page that includes Infolink Ads. :p

    I doubt they pay much anyways.
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      Hey Yukon, this is Tammy from Infolinks. Different strokes for different folks right? The great thing about In-Text advertising is that it's proven only 10% of visitors actually hover over the double underlined keywords. That means that 90% of visitors are never even exposed to our ad bubble. That's what makes us a quiet solution for monetization. Also, publishers can control how many links appear per page 1 - 12.

      We guarantee the highest payouts in the industry - so we actually pay quite well

      Happy blogging,

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