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How Important are they these days, and what search engines actually use them to help rank a page?
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    Hi, Pongo
    as far as i know
    meta description and title will show in search engine when you type keyword or keyword phrases
    and meta keyword, will "help" search engine to find your page.
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    its huge. if you using wordpress and the SEO plugin by Yoast you'll see why. editing the meta tags is what the search engines use to create the snippit for your site in their results.
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    It is the description of your site displayed under the title in the SERP. Having a good description can dramatically afferct your CTR.

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    It's really important to update you meta descriptions tags with your page keywords because it can help you get more clicks in the serps, and that will increase your CTR
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    There are many meta tags you can use, but the only one that is important is the meta description tag as this is generally (but not always) the snippet that is displayed in the SERPS.

    Think of it as your call to action. It needs to be compelling to help encourage people to click onto your site.
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      Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page, after the title tag. In the context of search engine optimization, when people refer to meta tags, they are usually referring to the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag.
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    Meta tags are like names of site. In this way google checks the sites topic and then it starts the crawling.
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    Meta Tags Plays Vital Role in Search Engine Optimization! Basically Bot/Crawlers Read Your Meta Tags, Meta Tags Includes Title Tags, Description & Keywords! Description is one of the most important factor in Meta Settings!
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    Meta tag has lost its 'ranking value' these days. But its extremely important to have a convincing meta description written for the end user, simply because the title and description of your site/page is what your potential customers reads first when they search for you or keywords related to your site. Title and meta should be able to convince the reader to click further and come to your site.
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    I think Title and Description is always very helpful in search engine ranking, search engine identify that page through page url and title
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    I agree with magic99, Title is very important part of web page, I also read in mattcutts blog that search engine identify and match the page content with title
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