Please give me your advice on how to do this...

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Hello and thanks for helping me out...

My website is

As you can see the website is outdated and I want to do a SPLIT test with a newer version of the website.

My problem is that I have ranked very well organically and dont know the correct way to go about doing a split test that would not screw up my organic rankings.

If you know of a way that would allow me to test a new website look to see if it converts better with out messing anything up I would be very thankful!

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    This can all be done with the Google website optimizer tool. You can setup one or more landing pages and then plug them into the optimizer to display different variations to the user. It will then track which layout or design elements perform the best and you can make changes as needed from there.

    I would add a meta noindex tag to your alternate landing pages so that they are not indexed or cause any duplicate content issues, etc. on your site. But you can read more about using website optimizer at:

    A Beginner's Guide to Google Website Optimizer

    None of the above sites are mine, but a good place to get started.

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