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Hi all, I am bit newbie here, just starting building backlinks to my website. I heard that posting on forums with your signature as a backlink to your website is a good method for generating traffic and achieving PR.

I know that the forums should be with high PR and signature links are dofollow, it's easy to find such forum lists with such criteria, but I think using your signature backlink in a forum relevant to your niche will be more efficient in generating traffic and will be more valuable.

The problem is that finding a high PR, Dofollow, with the same niche of your website is a bit hard to find and I ended up posting my signature of a health nich in Warrior forum like the one down here :p, so could anyone know of a good forum list with the category of each forum.

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    Hi there,

    you can try doing a google search that looks like this:

    forums: your keywords

    it will give you an immediate list of forums which are specific to your niche/keyword.

    best of luck!
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    The "link juice" from signature backlinks are really just an added benefit of the REALLY targeted traffic you can generate from posting at a handful of high traffic, niche related forums.

    I wouldn't stress too much since signature links aren't really the highest quality anyway.
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    Search this forum and you will find some list. Also, Google it You can see a lot of results.

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    Search this of Google: "keyword" + "forums"

    Change the "keyword" with your niche. Install SEOQuake to check the PR of the sites on the search result. You have to check them manually if they are dofollow or nofollow.
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    forums: your keywords

    then you will find some stuff
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    Just google it search by yourself, "Powered by phpBB" "Keyword"...
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    I am also looking for same list, been searching for days.
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    try this

    your keyword forum
    "your keyword forum"
    intitle: forum your keyword
    inurl: forum your keyword
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    You can add one more link to that in the

    'SEO / Internet Marketing Discussion' Category

    DoFollow Forums List

    Throw your link in the signature and start making posts to get quick free DoFollow Backlinks.
    DoFollow Backlinking, SEO and Internet Marketing Forum - Discuss SEO, IM and everything else!
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    Some do-follow forums are given below with category and PR.

    Web Design/Development/Code/Photoshop Do-Follow Forums

    forums.mysql.com/ - PR7
    zymic.com/forum/ - PR6
    developers.evrsoft.com/forum/ - PR6
    htmlforums.com/ - PR5
    geekpoint.net/ - PR5
    talkfreelance.com/ - PR4
    geekvillage.com/forums/ - PR4
    talk-mania.com/ - PR3
    webmastershelp.com/ - PR0
    adobe.com/support/forums/?ogn=EN_US-gntray_comm_forums - PR9 - Adobe and Flash topics

    Electronics/Gadgets/Computers/Digital Hardware/Software/iPhone/Tech/IT Do-Follow Forums

    forums.cnet.com/ - PR7
    forums.amd.com/ - PR7
    forums.microsoft.com/ - PR6 - choose Country and Forum Topic
    forums.afterdawn.com/ - PR5 - Digital Media/DVD, Digital Cameras etc...No-Follow but allow sig link and very high traffic
    aqua-soft.org/board/ - PR5
    softwarecommunity.intel.com/isn/Community/en-us/Forums/ - PR5
    forums.windowsforum.org/ - PR4
    forums.xandros.com/ - PR4
    forums.oracle.com/forums/categoryHome.jspa?categoryID=84 - Various PR
    cultofiphone.org/forums/ - PR0
    daniweb.com/forums/ - Various PR


    funnyforum.org/ - PR0

    Laptop/Notebooks Do-Follow Forums

    forum.notebookreview.com/ - PR5
    techsupportforum.com/ - PR5 - I think it's no-follow but has mass traffic
    notebookforums.com/ - PR4 - Not sure if do-follow but allows sig link and has mass traffic and bonuses for posting

    Video Gaming/Gaming Do-Follow Forums

    gamespot.com/forums/index.html - PR8
    bungie.net/Forums/default.aspx - PR8
    forums.worldofwarcraft.com/index.html?sid=1 - PR5
    mygamebuilder.com/forum/ - PR3 - Has a special section for link dropping
    forums.gentoo.org/ - PR0

    Books Do-Follow Forums

    bookforum.com/ - PR7
    forums.onlinebookclub.org/ - PR3
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    Also wondering this, does anyone have a list of high pr sites that are do follow?
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    Also you can install addon firefox for links noflow and doflow
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    Although it doesn't hurt to make a few nofollow links as well, it looks more natural that way.
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    Thank you so very much for sharing!
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    Thanks for sharing this list. I hope you will add more links like this.

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    Hi there..!
    Just do a simple Google research on it..
    Try typing:
    forums about *keyword*
    *keyword* forum
    or you could try adding a list on it.. Google might give you a list of forums..
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      Forum search method:

      Simple machine forums "Keywords"..
      PhpBB forums "Keywords"..
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    Hope can find it.

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    Well, you can find it on Google where you will see numbers of high PR forums.
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      Originally Posted by James Andy View Post

      Well, you can find it on Google where you will see numbers of high PR forums.
      SeoQuake or MarketSamurai can be helpful here. (SeoQuake would give results faster )
      Can I Haz A CheezBurgr?
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    Google is best to find anything.

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    Of course google it ..

    or check for those commentlov enabled blogs .. they too are cool ..
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    Thanks mostafa999 for your sharing list !
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    Forums is a great place to share and collect such list, otherwise need to search Google page to page find all of that. Thanks for sharing!

    Let Journey begin.

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