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For my 1st wordpress site, I am going to start backlinking process.
This is my plan, Please advice if I am heading is right direction.

1. Getting Your Site Indexed. ( on 1st day )
Submit XML sitemap to google.
Using ping

2. Social Bookmarking. ( on 3rd day/ complete in 10 days )
Submit 2 urls (main page and secondary page) to 200 for SB sites

3. .EDU/.GOV backlinks. ( on 3rd day/ complete in 10 days )
Get 25 to 50 edu/gov links for 2 urls (main page and secondary page)

4. Contextual backlinks from high PR sites. ( on 11th day/ complete in 30 days )
Use ALN (Authority link network) to get daily 20 links for 2 urls (main page and secondary page).

5. Article Directory submission. ( on 11th day/ complete in 5 days)
Spun article will be submitted to 2000+ article directories. This will give 150 instant links.

During this 1 month, I will add 2 post per week.

After 1 month will check sites rank and if required the for 2nd month will keep using ALN (with more backlinks)

Are some other backlinking options like Profile Links,RSS feeds submissions,Link Wheels required at start.

And how important is baclinks to backlinks.

Please share your thoughts/process.

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    Too much too fast. I wouldn't do that much for a website so young with no domain age.

    you will probably de index your website with that much.
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  • Profile picture of the author luckypig
    Yes,if too many links pointing to Your website suddenly,google might think it's link spam,even if it's not.
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  • Profile picture of the author dulldave
    Chillout on the link building, even with software I spread out my linking building campaigns by 30 days to try and make it look natural.
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    Yes I would say too much too quickly but you have idea and a good variety of backlinks, just stretch the time frame out a little more.

    Also, document everything you do and track the results.

    You should know what action will have what result

    Good luck
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  • Do not spun articles , there is no use of spinning the articles and building backlinks to your backlinks is the best technique like post your article first in Ezine and after approved do social bookmarking to that url.
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  • Profile picture of the author wftush
    Thanks for guidance.

    But social bookmark spread over 10 days and edu link spread our 10 days is fast?

    what is ideal links per day for SB and edu link

    Similarly using ALN over 1 month, should I decrease from 20 links to 10 links per day?

    I believe google will not index all the links at one go. ( there are some gigs on fiverr where 10000+ comments are blasted in few days)

    Also again how important is baclinks to backlinks.
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    I am agree with Rande.
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    Try to maintain the relevancy of your backlinks. If you are generating too many irrelevant links in short time its harmful but if you make relevant backlinks then no matter now many backlinks you generate in a short span.
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  • Originally Posted by wftush View Post


    For my 1st wordpress site, I am going to start backlinking process.
    The one thing I tell people starting out in SEO (and you don't see a lot of people doing this), is focus on high PR backlinks. These are high quality links that will give you much much better rankings in the long-term.
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      Agree with everyone above, that is way too much too fast! I would sugest going a lot slower, a few links per day, focus on the high quality ones. Its been said a lot, quality over quantity.

      Googles will notice if you go from 0 links to a couple thousand in a few days. Slow and steady wins the race!
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  • Profile picture of the author phpdevelopment
    Agree with everyone above but do social bookmarking, Directory submission, blog posting also
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  • Profile picture of the author remmi
    Firstly do on-page optimization as well as it is most important factor for higher ranking in search engine page results. Also include directory submission, blog commenting, forum posting etc.
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  • Profile picture of the author Stuart william
    if you are trying to get too many backlinks in short span of period then google can put your site in google sandbox. Try to create links steady dont go too fast.
    According to me spun articles will not helps you much in getting traffic and backlink, its better if you can post some genuine article and post those articles to quality websites only.
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  • Profile picture of the author ButterflyGarden
    Webmasters have far less control over the "off-page" optimization factors than they do the "on-page" optimization factors. Off-page optimization does, however, influence how a website ranks in search results, so it should not be ignored.

    Off-Page Optimization - Optimizing Optimization, Part 2: Off-Page Optimization
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    Just slow down, make a quality content. And get that shared on Social Media Sites
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    @hitittuning talk about ripping my reply.

    Ontopic: Try to build blogs on, or high page rank blog platforms (e.g. blogger, etc). Once you have a few blogs, try to post content to each one of them and build backlinks to each of them. If they're all linking to your money site and they all get a high page rank, you're going to get a sh*t load of link juice in return.
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    yes work slowly . your speed is so much as in 1st post
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    • Profile picture of the author simona86
      Having good content on your Web site. Simple.

      Whatever methods you try, you're not going to get backlinks without having quality content.

      If you believe you have the good content, and it's a blog you're trying to promote, you may want to try linking to other blogs and Web sites. Hand out a favour to them, and they will hand one back.
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