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I am really new at internet marketing and I would like some advice on how to get traffic to my forum. I have only had it for 4 weeks or so just to try it out and have a format for discussions and I am having trouble generating interest. What can I do to get people to post and start talking?
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    Hi there,

    Why not ask some of your friends to sign up and visit your forum and post occasionally. Also, you can ask some people who have existing accounts in the website to post on your forum. Others won't do this for free so be ready to negotiate with them. Good luck!
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      Best way to get some easy free traffic is to join other larger forums/boards with the same interest in your niche. Create a signature with a link back to your forum. Just ask questions or answer other peoples questions on the bigger forums, be interactive. If you are contributing to the board, others will click your link to look at your forum. Just remember to be creative with your signature. Spark their curiosity. I am helping my son with a baseball related site he has and that is exactly what he does everyday. He interacts on the big baseball forums. Just remember the process is doing this everyday. Hope this helps you get started.
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    Just to add to what Smonty said above: When it comes to interacting in other forums with your link signature, sometimes it's best to join forums which aren't directly competing in your niche, especially if it's a well established forum. Try instead to be active in a forum which compliments rather than competes. For example; if your forum is about "diet tips for women", don't join the weightwatchers forum and try to promote, join a "Busy Moms" forum instead.
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    are you searching for more hits on your blog, store. i have a store. my hot thing is that it's hard to beat my prices. because in the back door i'm charging on volume. not just a realy low price. not to mention only when it sells. i'm not sure on what your looking for exactly. but know this im a person. that's believe iin promoting for free and not really chargeing up front. it's the knew advertising age. let me know if this help?
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    Congrates for your new forum. I have few suggestions for you. Use some popular webmaster forums to promote your forums. These are warriorforum, v7n, digitalpoint, webcosmo, etc. Few ideas are below :
    1. Start contest on your forum. Reward the people who posted maximum. (It should be for 15 days or a month contest)
    2. If you have google adwords coupon, facebook ad coupon then give them free to the poster who posted to your forum. Lets say create one thread and write : Create 10 posts and get 1 google adwords coupon of worth $75 free. Again promote this thread to the above forums.
    3. Use email marketing to promote your forums. Give free list of 100 dofollow forums or blog commenting sites who daily active in your forum and posts xx number for 15 or 1 month. Use any two or three ideas to make your forum popular. If you like my idea, I appreciate one thanks from you.
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