The Value Of De-Indexed Domains?

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What do you think about the value of domains with PR that have been de-indexed?

I have 40 or so PR1+ (more than half are PR2+) domains that have been de-indexed and I'm undecided on whether or not to try and salvage them or sell them on.

They were de-indexed for spun content and/or selling links. To get them re-indexed I guess I'll have to delete all of the content and start over again in a more Google friendly friendly.

To sell them though, what do you think the value would be for all of them together? I'm not trying to sell them here and now. If I do sell them then I'll start a thread in the relevant section of this forum or on Flippa.

Any ideas appreciated
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    value close to 0 unless u get them re-indexed.. no one will pay a dime for a de-indexed domain unless it's like or, those kind of domains..

    too much work to delete and too long to wait..

    unless they are awesome domain names.. i suggest you forget about it and let them expire..
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      In that case I'll probably just have a go and salvaging a few of them and see how it works out. If I'm successful with those then I'll have a go at the rest.
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