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I've an web site and i am working on this last 2 months but the site not on rank the keywords are not too much high tell me any reason
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    You need more one way backlinks to your site
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      Originally Posted by Brader View Post

      You need more one way backlinks to your site
      I think correct, backlinksindexer will help you.
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    find yourself some travel blogs and comment on them. do a google search "travel blog commentluv" and try some more forum posting on here and a few more dofollow forums
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    Keep on adding more content to your blog/site as well as building backlinks.

    <a href="">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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    Quality, relevant and attractive contents with keyword and do-follow back link on high ranking web sites are the best way to increase web ranking. Thanks.
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    Start submitting articles to article directories, submitting press releases, creating social bookmarks, uploading videos to video-sharing sites, creating forum and web 2.0 profiles and ping and submit the RSS feeds of all the submission you make. -All great ways to build Backlinks.

    This will give your website a HUGE boost.

    Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are asking, What’s in it for me? – Brian Tracy

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    Get high PR links and blog posts
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    Is the site in question the one in your sig? If so, then you have virtually no backlinks at all. Simply start creating backlinks now.
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    Collect some contextual backlinks from high PR site. Definitely it would increase your site ranking.
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    Well It depends on numerous factors.One of the factor may be the backlinks you have got so far,dont have quality.Another common reason would be your competitors are doing the same as like you are doing.
    Shuvo Shahid
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    I will also suggest to you to create a press release and submit it. You have to tell the world that you exist..
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    These could help you:
    - always provide/update your site new and fresh contents (unique)
    - build strong backlinks for it
    - build a strong and catchy campaign
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    Increase the number of backlinks to your site. How? Go through this forum and learn how people do this. Ask if you hit a snag!
    All the best in your endevours.
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    SEO is Like Life, You can Plan it but You can't Control it.
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    you have to give a back linking through: bookmarking, blog commenting, article submission etc..
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    Junne that is an excellent reply! Its all about having a fresh supply of content for your website. If this content is shareable via social bookmarks and links to this content are spread out by other means such as articles and directories you will gain more backlinks to your website which will help increase your web ranking.
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    Sahildd Consider the following:

    1- Remove the duplicate keywords in your title, Google does not like that.

    2- Meta Keywords tag is missing. Make sure to add it soon even it only provides little benefit to your search rankings.

    3- Only use one <H1> title per page for best SEO. You're using 2 titles in the same h1 title tag.

    4- You have 6 images on your website. 5 alt attributes are empty or missing. Add alternative text to your images so that search engines can better understand the content of the images.

    5- Backlinks is an effective SEO method for improving and enhancing your webpage position. Right now you have only 14 total backlinks: according to ahrefs. This factor is crucial to SEO, you should improve the quantity and quality of your backlinks.

    7- Here's you current website ranking in google:

    Keyword: Things to do in Tasmania. Local Monthly Searches:1000. Geotarget: Australia. Position: 93

    Keyword: tasmania attractions. Local Monthly Searches: 720. Geotarget: Australia. Position: 160

    Hope this help.
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    Certainly, getting high quality, one-way, relevant, anchor text, possibly contextual backlinks is the way to go.

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