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by amitos
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Might be a noobie question but I'm just starting my personal IM career (I've been working for other thus far) so please bare with me.

I was wondering if for Adsense maybe it would be better to create a macro niche site that targets general, mass search volume keywords with low competition... and try and make into authority site.
Or maybe it's better to create allot of micro niche sites that target specific keyword with relatively low search volume, and low-medium competition but are more sale targeted...
I would think that for affiliate marketing the micro niche site option is better as it creates higher CPA, but for adsense the more traffic you get the better no?

Please share your thoughts, opinions and experience as you see fit.
Every response would be greatly appreciated!
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    Depends how competitive your keywords are. You can get A LOT more traffic in the long run if you win high traffic keywords with a large authority site. But creating micro sites is WAY easier.
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    I like to start with micro niche sites as you can build a 3-5 post site in a day easily, this way you can build lots and find the winners and you can then build them out.
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    Both approaches work. Why not build one of each and see which technique suits you better?
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    Build a website with 2-5 articles (each targeting a certain keyword), rank the website for those keywords and then grow it into a larger, more authoritative type of virtual real estate.
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    Thanks for all the tips, I'm planing on building 3 websites on 3 different niches.
    1 for affiliate marketing, 1 for Adsense and 1 i haven't decided yet. need to analyze the market a bit more.
    Hope it'll work out
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