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Hi guys I was wondering if anyone here had any experience building a keyword research tool?

I am building a keyword tool, not so much one to research keywords (although this will be part of it) but more to manage the process of ranking for keywords (i.e. managing the tasks and monitoring the results etc).

I want the users to be able to add their own keywords to the tool but I also want functionality similar to the Google keyword tool where it suggests broader keywords from source keywords and shows number of searches etc.

From my research so far I've found the following - can anyone help in terms of validating these assumptions or otherwise?

Google Adwords API - Kind of seems a bit more complex than a typical API but I've signed up (which apparently takes 1-2 weeks) and I also read that it costs money. This kind of surprised me as I want to make the basic version of my keyword tool free so I don't want to pay for keyword searches.

Wordstream - I've done a quick test with their API seems a bit limited, I've contacted them to ask if it can return exact match search numbers and can be tailored for different locations. And I've also enquired about the price. Again I don't really want to pay for this functionality but if this tool is substantially better than the Google keyword tool then I'll consider having it as a paid extra.

Wordtracker - Pretty much as above except I have just contacted them - I haven't tested the API.

I guess my frustration is that I see a lot of other keyword research tools out there that don't charge monthly fees but do offer this functionality so I'm wondering how they are doing it.


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    Thanks, really it is good and impressive.
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      Just an update on this, I kind of decided on the google Adwords API however it's paid and it's going to cost a bit. I'm also tentatively thinking about maybe building a windows tool that scrapes using a proxy service. I'm not aware of any other way to get keyword data via a web interface but if anyone is please feel free to reply.

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    Google Adwords API or Google Adwords Keyword tool API? Does it really cost?
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    Yeah, pretty sucky hey. But the main issue with it is Google force your app to have minium requirements now so you can't just build a keyword tool and use their API to fetch keyword data. You have to build features into your app that enable people to post to adwords and other stuff as a minimum requirement. So my tool is for natural SEO it's not really focused on adwords however if I want to use their API I have to make my tool support people managing adwords campaigns etc which is a lot of extra work.

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    I never heard about this kind of information. Google adword keyword tool is free of cost but you should have a account on google adword.
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    Google keyword tool web interface is free but the API is not.

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