How can I learn how to do SEO for others?

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I am fairly intelligent, not by any means a natural at computers though. I am disabled and am looking for a job I can do at home on the computer (a Mac). How would I go about learning SEO so that I could be an individual provider of SEO services, are there classes for it, or online courses, and how hard/how long would it be to learn?
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    I think the best thing to do would be to read some ebooks about SEO and various linkbuilding techniques. After you have learned them, try to rank your own websites on Google. If you are successful in ranking your own sites, then you can move on to ranking other's sites.

    Learn about linkbuilding and the various strategies and tools used to create them.
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    I would start by learning to rank sites owned by yourself before doing seo for other people. . there are so many different opinions in seo and also a lot of BS that it will take a while for you to find a system that works for you. If you can rank your own sites you are going to feel a lot more confident ranking customers sites. Also spend a lot of time analysing successful sites and teh methods they use for their seo. To do this analyse their links using software like seo spyglass.
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    Use Google and search for things that you want to learn about SEO.

    Buy ebooks about SEO.

    Read SEO blogs like SEOMoz.
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    Reading ebook will the right choice for beginner. You can start basics point of SEO. They move to the practical knowledge. Note:- The SEO is completely based on practical knowledge. No one learn SEO by just reading or attending the expensive classes. You should enter into real experience before serving the service to others. You can learn from your experience and choose what is right for you and your customers. The getting knowledge from ebooks and other reading material will help you to know how to proceed into the SEO World.
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    You don't really need to be good with computers to learn and do SEO. There is a vast amount of free information here on WF, just look for some of the more popular threads or use the search feature to find specific things you might be looking for. There are also some decent, cheap ebooks that provide sound SEO knowledge.
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    Two kinds of SEO
    Onpage SEO, and Offpage SEO

    Onpage you can really buy a plugin and make it analyze your posts as you make them and it will tell you, need h1, h2, h3 tags with kw , need alt tag with kw, need higher kw density (or lower) need kw in last sentence, etc etc etc, That is not that difficult to master

    Then offpage SEO is really backlinking, that IMO is much more difficult to master, but seems to be more of what google pays attention to when ranking pages.
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  • The best way is to learn yourself and then develop a strategy. Once you can consistently rank your websites well then you can do the same for others.
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      Definitely read all you can on current SEO and ranking trends, and work on getting some of your own sites ranked on page 1 of Google so you can show potential clients what you are able to do. Build up a portfolio of work in this way.

      Just be sure that you stay on top of current Google trends when it comes to ranking, as they're always changing. What works now may not work in a few months when Google changes their ranking algorithm again. Plenty of SEO providers who weren't able to keep up when Google changed were put out of business, as they were unable to keep getting their clients' sites ranked. Also, don't take on more work than you can handle, as that has caused more than one SEO provider headaches and problems down the road. Once you start getting business, you tend to get a lot of referrals if you're doing well for your clients, but if you take on more than you can handle on your own, you're in for trouble. Once you're doing well with your business, try to invest back into it by hiring a person or team of people to help you handle your orders if you plan on taking on a large volume of them.

      I've been doing SEO for offline clients for a while now, and have a small number of online clients, as well, and I've seen many, many SEO providers come and go. Most of them are really good people who start out with the intention of doing well in their business and helping people succeed by getting them ranked, only to find their businesses crumbling and their reputations ruined because they didn't stay on top of Google ranking trends and/or they took on more business than they could handle on their own (or even with a team, sometimes). Don't let that happen to you.

      Plan your business responsibly from the start, stay on top of SEO trends, know how much business you can handle, provide good customer service, be professional, and you should be one of the ones that is able to keep their business going through any kind of Google change and thrive in the SEO world. I'd like to see you be as successful as you want to be, so play it smart and educate yourself, and you can do whatever you set out to do.
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    Originally Posted by kitsonchen View Post

    I am fairly intelligent, not by any means a natural at computers though. I am disabled and am looking for a job I can do at home on the computer (a Mac). How would I go about learning SEO so that I could be an individual provider of SEO services, are there classes for it, or online courses, and how hard/how long would it be to learn?
    I'll give you a brief rundown of what you should do:

    1) Get out of the SEO forum (for now) and head over to the Offline Forum. That place is dedicated to just what you're trying to focus on.

    2) Get the jest of what the Offline boys are talking about and learn some basic SEO (New SEO, not Old SEO)

    Old SEO: Set your Meta keywords, title, description and spam backlinks on blogs, articles, and forums for just your EXACT keyword.

    New SEO: Set your Meta keywords, title and description but adjust your content so where the keywords you want to rank for are NATURALLY placed. Be sure to use LSI keywords as well. LSI keywords are related keywords for your main keywords. IE: Lawyers=attorneys, legal aid, public attorney, etc, etc.

    Now when placing backlinks, you want to vary your anchored keywords so instead of just focusing on your main keyword and spamming the crap out of the internet with it, use natural-looking backlinks as well, like "Click Here!" or just your domain name. Write genuine, easy-to-read content on your site and updated it consistently.

    Basically, New-Age SEO means looking natural. Google has wised up in the past 10 years and the old ways of ranking don't work nearly as well. Google wants organic backlinks and unique content. If you find threads or articles to help you along the way, make sure it was written in the past 6 months because IM is like a PC, it gets outdated fairly quick in the grand scheme.

    Stay on these forums and soak in everything you can. There is plenty of money to be made online and literally, anyone can do it. You just have to have patience and dedication.

    Hope I was able to help and good luck sir.
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    Check out HubSpot ... they have a fairly nice beginner eBook for free that should get you started learning the very basics.

    Also, I would start on your own sites. Learn what works and what doesn't.

    And if all else fails, you can be a middle man. Find some good link builders here in the WSO section (or the classifieds), and resell them.

    Developer by day ... need any development work done (I specialize in .Net and Web Development), send me a PM.

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    Check out SEOMoz, a good resource for anyone interested in SEO.
    Directory Maximizer - Kick-start your link building with some quality directory links.
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    The best thing first of all is to understand what your customer wants from you and what you can make for them?
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    Visit or You may find jobs you can do. Buyers are also looking for blog commenting, forum posting and link building services that are related to seo. Seo is all about backlinks.

    Coming Soon!

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      You start out by building and ranking your own websites as if your life depended on it. After having some idea on the kind of resources, effort and time required to rank keywords of varying competition, you can then offer link building services to others.
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    go for and read it.
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    The SEO thing that we all hear about these days is one of the most basic elements in the existence of a web based site. Do you have any idea on how more info could be obtained about it?
    I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Edison
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    There are many things you will need to learn.
    You will need to keep up with all the changes Google makes.
    You need to understand keyword search (LSI keywords), link building, article writing etc.
    On the forum there are a few guys who sell ebooks about SEO. Take a look.

    Learn to do for yourself first.
    Good luck!
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    Optimize your site
    Get your site listed in directories.
    Get listed in search engines.
    Get links to your site.
    Buy ads linking to your site.
    Participate in a banner exchange program.
    Participate in a WebRing.
    Pay for clicks to your site.
    Set up an affiliate marketing program.
    Use E-mail marketing.
    Use off-line marketing.
    Ask for reviews.
    Publish yourself.
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    Hi, kitsonchen,

    And welcome to our forum.

    I read through your questions a couple of times and was very touched by your comments. You have a genuinely good spirit and a genuine desire and willingness to help people and to learn everything you can to be of excellent service. These traits account for about 80% of what you need to be successful as an SEO Professional, for certain. The rest will come naturally, progressively by reading and learning and practice and doing.

    There are a lot of wise comments on this thread and I learned a lot myself just by reading them. Perhaps you can go back through the suggestions one by one.

    SEO is a new frontier for most of us as it, too, is in its infancy and evolving. Lucky for you, you are discovering this exciting adventure just at the right time. If you are truly serious and committed to learning, I know you will do well.

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you are progressing.
    Perhaps you can teach us a thing or two.

    Many Blessings, my friend.
    May you prosper and be in excellent health.

    LifeIsGood ~ It's About To Get Even Better!
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    warriro forum is best for learning seo
    Just start with minor project You will learn everything with the passage of time.
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    • Originally Posted by Rajinder View Post

      warriro forum is best for learning seo
      Just start with minor project You will learn everything with the passage of time.
      yes, its good for seo.
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  • There are many sources available online to learn SEO and many in-house projects.
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    I suggest reading blog posts - this is how I learn SEO and Internet Marketing. Blog posts are more reader friendly and organized while forum threads and posts are more experience based and subjective. Therefore, for beginners, I recommend reading specific blog posts on Pat's Smart Passive Income Blog, Spencer' Niche Pursuits, Joe and Justin's Adsense Flippers. They have all written specific blog posts to describe their SEO method.
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    I do not provide SEO services to anyone but I agree with everyone saying that you should trying ranking your own sites 1st and then provide provide services. I would say trying ranking several sites in different areas with a broad group of keywords from high competition to low so that you get a feel as to how everything works. Obviously a lot of reading/researching will need to be done before you can do anything. Do try to do everything yourself and not buy things so that you can become your own expert and then you can decide to buy different things/software that might help when providing services to others.

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    Don't buy a course. There are plenty of free guides in internet. As an example Learn SEO | SEOmoz is a good resource. You can start SEO with yourself. Just do a proper keyword research and start a site. Then do onsite seo and track performance. After few days, start link building slowly and see rankings.

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