Question about KW Ranking?

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Thanks in advance.
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    Have you done any on-page SEO for your site?
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    Well, first off, I've seen that the keyword "product engineering solutions" doesn't appear in your title and description, thats the first thing you should correct. Like NOW.

    Also, you've created backlinks to your page, but according to Market Samurai, in none of them you're using "Product engineering solutions" as your anchor text. This would be the second thing I'd do, create many new backlinks using that text as your anchor text, not "product design and engineering" or anything. (BTW, it's good to have some variety in your anchor text, the problem now is that none of your backlinks is apparently using that keyword).

    All these things are "signals" that Google uses to determine what your site is about, you'll do much better if you give them clues leading them to rank you for your main KW.
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