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My AdSense revenue has slowly but steadily continued to evaporate. My theory is that it's at least partly due to people developing "banner blindness" even to text ads. Once they learn to recognize something as an ad unit, does it really matter whether it's a banner image ad or a text ad? Unless someone is completely new to the internet, do text ads serve any advantage?
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    They do.

    Anyway to tackle banner blindness, try to have Image ads and also rotate the position. That's mostly what I do
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      You've stumbled onto another one of those adsense secrets.

      You don't want repeat visitors for most adsense sites. You
      want new targeted visitors on a daily basis. And lots of them.

      Google tells you to change the color scheme if you think
      they are suffering from ad blindness. Change it weekly.

      Me? I don't give a rip about repeat visitors, except to give
      me some link love. The newer and uninitiated the visitor is, the


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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        I never really thought of returning visitors as being useless, but I suppose they are. Unless you're selling your own product and need repeat exposures, there isn't any added value. I think I need to adopt the "change is good" policy and get my ad layout out of the rut it's in.
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