struggling with niche and keyword selection

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i need help.

im struggleing with niche and keyword selection.
get this wrong and the rest really doesnt matter.

i have bought and have learned just about every niche and keyword section tool out there. my latest being teh expensive secockpit.

so i want to build a website. but i need a niche and keywords.

so im sitting at a blank screen. every time i search and think i find someting good. i come accross major roadbloads. like etc. serious sites that are either difficult at best to get above or impossible to get above. either that or the search volume is too low. im just frustrated. there has to be an easier way to find a great niche with good keywords.

does anyone on this forum have this down?

please tell me how you find your niches and keywords.

i know for some of you, this is a no brainer adn you can sit down with a blank screen and withing a very short time have some winning keywords so you can then start building your site out. thanks in adnvance. jim
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    You can target several long tail keywords in just a single article or blog post. Many long tail keywords require virtually no off-page optimization and if you use several of them in an article - it gives the LSI advantage and the search volume of all these keywords adds up.

    Once your website gets off, you can then try to target the more competitive keywords.

    Hope that makes sense.
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    Well I would only say that keep on trying. IM is getting tougher and tougher and its hard to find niche and keywords that will be easy to rank. But do not lose heart.Good luck !!!
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  • These days you will find competition almost everywhere. You just need to be better then your competitors.

    Here is how I do it.

    1.First of all I take a broad keyword. Then I generate all the possible keywords using market samurai keyword research module.

    2.Analyze keywords using market samurai.Remove all keywords with less then 1000 local search.

    3. Analyse these keywords for seo competiton.Choose the keywords with medium competition

    4. Then try to find exact name domains. Choose either .com/.net/.org/.info

    Trust me exact name domains are very easy to rank.I know its difficult to find exact match domains.But if you continue trying with different niches you will find some.

    5.At last put content do seo.this is most important part

    If you want to make review site.Search for products on amazon.

    If you want to make article site.Search yahoo answers.People asks lot of questions there.Use these questions for articles of title.

    You will definitely make money.
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      Everyone is fighting to get the keywords and get their pages on to page 1 of G. It's getting harder and harder. The future is about creating a page to host all those G page 1 wannabe's.

      Check the sig

      All the best

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    The way I use SECockpit is to start off with something broad like 'baby products'. I then do 3 initial generations:

    1. With Adwords Synonyms checked
    2. With Google Suggest Synonymns checked
    3. With Google Related Searches Synonymns checked

    This gives a really good starting point for digging down further.

    I then set a filter for keywords with competition <50 and search volume >2000.

    At this stage, you might even find some good keywords, but what I generally do is expand the keyword list by looking at the top keywords listed that look OK, but not perfect and click on the "Expand" button and add that keyword and repeat the above 3 steps.

    Now, you may well find that you discover a really good keyword that's in a completely different niche to what you originally started searching on, but that's good!
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