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Hello say that i have a blog and i have 10 articles in this blog.
Everyone of this articles has to contain my keyword ????(with a ratio for example of 1 keyword every 100 words) or is enough one article of the blog with my keyword i compete with for google position. and then the other articles have other keywords related to my blog?
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    what is the meaning of your this post what you want to say i can't understand can you please explain your thread that what you want to say?
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    say that i have 10 posts in my blog
    i do my first post 400 words and with 4 times my main keyword.
    after 3 days i make another post...this post also must contain my main keyword?

    after 4 days anther post and so on...every one of this posts needs to have my main keyword 3 4 times depending on the density of the article?
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    It is important to have many different articles and pages containing your keyword within your site on each page, the more the merrier, but the most important part is to have several internal anchor links with your keyword.

    For example, if I was going after the top position for alpha soap. I would have many different pages in the website with anchor text containing the keyword alpha soap.
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    You should have your main keyword in your posts, but you must have natural complimentery keywords in the same post.

    It also helps to have complimentry catagories that use a related but different keyword.

    The idea is to make sure your keywords are there but in a way that doesnt look forced or spammy.

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    yes complimentary keywords and the most i can use my main keyword in the posts the better it is...correct?
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