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Let's say I have a site:

www.skishop.com --> PR 4

Now, let's say I have various retail stores across the U.S.

I want to improve rank for these specific subdomains:



I presume the main domain, passes PR to the subdomain. But is it possible to move rank on the subdomain, only?

Also, what other advice can you offer to help me move rank for these various local subdomains?

Thanks Warriors
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    1, make the subdomain link into the top level menu of your site;
    2, add the subdomain link into your google sitemap, if you are using wordpress, it's easy to do.
    3, Find out your highest PR page, and add a full list of subdomain list with anchor text on this page.
    4, go to google webmaster and submit your sitemap, observe it the next day, if the new subdomain is crawled.
    5, most important, make backlinking to this subdomain directly.

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    @dennischow thanks.

    Can someone elaborate further on #1 -- this is not a wordpress site, btw.
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    I think for #1 he's saying to make a DoFollow link in the main navigation from your main site to the subdomain.

    As far as I've read, and I'm pretty sure® it was from a Matt Cutts post, that subdomains are treated more like a separate website. "Link juice" won't automatically flow to the sub domains like they do with sub directories. That's why, for example, Wordpress.com has very high PR, and this doesn't transfer automatically to it's subdomains that any old Joe can make there i.e. coolblog.wordpress.com.

    That being said, rank a subdomain as you would a normal domain but you'll want to use the city target obviously. "Houston Ski Shop" as in your example.
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    Have you considered using subdirectories instead, such as domain.com/location?

    The latest Panda update is putting an emphasis on large authority sites. If you go the subdomain route Google will treat each subdomain as a unique domain so your sites will not share domain authority. Using subdirectories would allow you to build a large authority site which is better for Panda.

    However, if you find it more convenient to give out the name of the website as a subdomain, then you could still make your subdomains and redirect them to the subdirectory.

    I.E. houston.skishop.com 301 redirects to skishop.com/houston

    That would be my recommendation. Hope it helps.
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    Main domain cannot pass rank to individual sub domains.
    Promoting different sub domains for different region is very difficult... I would rather advise you to create mini website and promote them in respective regions.

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    It is simple enough just optimize your subdomain very well for the keyword(s) you are targeting and start building links to the subdomain and it will start ranking soon enough but only do high quality links and no spammy profile links or blog commenting but high PR links to web 2.0's and other high PR sites. Good luck!
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    thanks a lot. good definition of link building.
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