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by Duncan
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My blog according to SEO quake is indexed at I 152 and PR3, and in Bing 1; Good but not good in my opinion.

When I check for rankings with my key words; and blog posts I rank differently. Generally in the top 20, 1 post is I 1.

Question: Which is better; ranking for key words, or ranking for the blog?
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    I am not sure what you mean. Search engines only rank pages, based on keywords.
    The higher a page ranks, the more relevant it is on-page and off page (backlinks).

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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    Both! Ranking For Keywords is always beneficial because as many your blogs keywords got ranked as many you have qualitative traffic! Having Good Page Rank is also Useful, PR determines your site Authority on the Web!
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    You mean, you are checking in two ways; 1. using keywords, 2. Using your blog title .... Rite?

    Well, I believe, its good to rank for keywords.... because user doesn't know what your blog title is. But he knows, what keywords he is going to enter. And, if you are ranking for his keywords then he may become your potential visitor.

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