Alternatives to Google Analytics (and Webmaster Tools)?

by Helios
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I've seen people recommend against installing Analytics and using Webmaster Tools. What are some alternative stat trackers to use?

Also, are those people just paranoid? Does Google really access your stats and potentially penalize you from the data?
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    yes i think we should slowly stop to share with Google our statistics. Better safe than sorry.

    Webmaster tools alternative i don't know. For Analytics there are a lot, usually your hosting company provides some (Awstats or Webalizer)
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    Instead of Google Analytics you can try StatCounter.
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    StatCounter you need to make an account. For wordpress I use SlimStat and ecastic. Ecastic recently broke on me, think w3 cache messed it up, contacted the author and he has no idea, but slimstat is still nice.
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      Originally Posted by UMS View Post

      The closest looking open source version of GA is:

      Open Web Analytics

      then there is the very popular:

      Piwik - Web analytics - Open source
      I use Piwik for a number of my own domains and have really like using it so far. I don't like giving Google too much insight into what I have and what I am doing site-wise.

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      Skype Me: r.boze
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    I haven't decided it it's paranoia or smart, but I too am getting concerned about using analytics and WMT. There is no great alternative for WMT. I know SEOMoz has some tools available but they cost.

    I did find this article about some alternative to analytics (remove spaces around the periods and dashes -- wasn't sure if I could put a link in my post):

    www . searchenginejournal . com / 7-alternatives-to-google-analytics/38764/
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    There's Piwik which I use. It's very good, and I like looking at traffic live.

    That said, I still use Google Analytics and WMT. The people recommending not to are severely misguided.

    Whether you have these google products or not, will not prevent Google from knowing they know. It will not hide you or your sites or offer any layer of protection from anything. I could argue that not installing WMT will make you somewhat blind as to what's going on with your site in relation to Google. Sites are penalised whether they have WMT or not. It's just that those with WMT know about it, while others chalk it to up to something else. Sandbox is a word that comes up often. You often read posts from people in this very forum saying they "came out of sandbox" after 3 months or 6 months. If they had WMT, they'd know it was a penalty.

    With analytics, they do use your data in aggregate. There's a section in your account where you can opt out of all data-sharing.

    And finally, if you're going to depend on Google for traffic your sites should be able to stand up to the scrutiny of a manual human review. Otherwise, their algorithm will eventually catch up with you.
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    try yandex ( its working english also)
    Even better then Google webmaster and Analytics
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    Statcounter is the best tool alternate to Google analytics.
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    i recommend to us PIWIK
    #1 Open source web analytics

    good luck

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    GetClicky is awesome.
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    Statcounter is the best alternative in my opinion.
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    getclicky is the tool you need to try out
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  • DON'T USE ANY OF GOOGLE ANALYTICS TOOLS, they are tracking you and as the story goes, you get nothing for free! they are using it to keep an eye on YOUR business, and using the data to shut down businesses.
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    I have used Google Analytics, Clicky, and ClickTale separately, and then sometimes I have combined more than one (or all at the same time). It really just depends upon your needs. I would say to review the features carefully to truly understand what you might need. They’re all worth it (whether as alternatives or a combination of multiple) in my opinion.
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