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Here's one you experts should have no problem pulling out of your red hat. I am trying to find a list that shows various SEO tasks, from initial website setup and search engine/local directory submission to keyword research and link building, and how long each should take in hours. I searched everywhere on Google and I can't find anything.

Hopefully your responses should help me get a rough estimate about how long various SEO tasks are suppose to take to complete for clients.

Thanks for the help, warriors!
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    Instead of searching on how long it takes you should just start doing it, think about how much you could have accomplished in the time you spent searching for how long it would take you to accomplish what you needed.
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      I understand what you're saying. It's just that I am trying to write a proposal for a business and they want to know what I have to offer and want to pay me hourly. These are very small businesses with very small budgets. They like to be able to choose individual tasks and want an idea of how long I think each will take.

      For example, if someone wants me to create some Craigslist ads and just submit their webpage to the major search engines and recommended local directories, how long should that take me?
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    If you're brand new to this making a site can take you many days of working on it all throughout the day. If you're experienced you can make and index a site within an hour. Same goes for off page seo, if you know how to promote your site, you may only need to work on it a couple hours a day, if you're brand new you might be spending all day every day.
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    you cant calculate it depends on work..how much u doing..
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    SEO tasks is a continuous process, so there is no average time..If i were you i will start moving now on my tasks rather than sitting there and trying to calculate the time and days..
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