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Has anyone ever attempted this?

How much harder was it than normal keywords? Is there anything that should be done differently?

I'm trying to get an artist ranked for the keyword "BO"

It gets 368,000 exact searches a month.

Anyone have an estimation as to how long this would take to reach page 1?

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    Bo= pretty nice monthly exact search volume

    However, you are up against over 1 billion competing pages. Good luck with that
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      Originally Posted by AlexCN View Post

      Bo= pretty nice monthly exact search volume

      However, you are up against over 1 billion competing pages. Good luck with that
      There are not anywhere near 1 billion competing pages.

      Forget the search volume numbers. It's meaningless.

      People are just misinformed on both those things.

      Nobody is searching for just bo. The possibilities of what
      would be in the search would be determined as to
      what at that moment, does "it" think you are searching for?

      A person searching for "bo" would most assuredly change it
      to narrow it down from the numerous things that people called


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    The competition for 'bo' isn't too hard. I'm not saying you'd be able to rank for it very easily, but it's certainly attainable.

    Do you want to specially rank for 'bo' rather than the full name of the artist?
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      The full name is already ranking, she wants to rank just for "BO"
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    interesting topic.. then get the as unique two letter keywords with high monthly search as possible!
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    1 billion pages does not matter, only the top 10 sometimes top 15 are what matters. I'm assuming a lot of people searching "bo" are probably finding info about body odor.. just build backlinks every day and eventually you'll get there.
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    Of course you can achieve that goal. But you need to work smartly over this keyword. Remember that you will find it difficult to make social bookmarks and directory submissions for this keyword as it it very short. To overcome, you can post some articles and blogs with some innovative techniques like guest blogging, link wheels and many more.
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    You ain't beating whitehouse.gov so rule out the top spot. Hahaha =D
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    Yea it will be easy for you to optimize this keyword instead of normal keywords.just concentrate on your seo campaign.Good Luck Dude.
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    You can achieve this in 3 or 5 months.
    If you can invest more in keyword optimization.
    I can't tell that you can get in top 3 or 5.
    But sure, you can come in first page with in 3-5 months, if you go with correct seo techniques.
    For this you can hire one seo freelancer or agency.
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    Well In My Opinion, You can Achieve The Desired Goal of Ranking 2 characters keywords in 2 to 4 months! You have To perform Qualitative Link Building With Unique and Fresh Content! Focus on Commenting Do Follow Blogs as many You can!!
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    Just hope that your target audience is using instant search... with instant search on you can easily rank good for this keyword.

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    Wikipedia has a triple SERP listing for the keyword BO, good luck with breaking into the top 3 SERPs.

    That keyword makes a good point though, once you get a double/triple SERP listing for a single keyword you tend to stick a lot longer for two reasons:
    • Double/triple SERP listings are an obvious sign of keyword authority
    • IMers will usually back down from trying to even start ranking the keyword

    Don't get me wrong, that double/triple SERP listing can be out ranked in the SERPs, but it will defiantly thin out any future competition because it will cost more time/money to out rank.
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