Google PR 9 - Twitter PR 10

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The world will now come to an end.
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    I am assuming Facebook is PR10 too? How is Google not PR9?

    <code>if (domain == "") { PR = 10; }</code>

    It should be hardcoded in there.

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    Maybe Google realized that Twitter deserves a better ranking than them.
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    Twitter is better than Google. But I don't think so. Maybe Google just update panda, will this has something to do with? lol
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    Google got slapped by Panda...ROLF
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    Ohh i am still thinking that google has a pr of 10.Hope i can see that soon after the google's algorithm update.
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    I think Google algorithm works genuinely.
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      How many PR 10/PR 9 sites are there? Can't be more than a few dozen...
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    Ughhhh, I just noticed that change. How it happened? Curious about it. Anyone knows the reason?
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    Yes i also notice the page rank. In this years page rank update the page rank authority open their card and shows the power of the leadership.
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    It's very shocking news..Twitter got PR10 and Gooogle has only PR9
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    There is no rule that states Google and all its domains will have a PR 10. Sometimes it depends on traffic as well. May be twitter got more traffic than in the last PR update. But it is not for always. In the next PR update Google will surely jump to PR 10.

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    Hahaha!!! This is funny, another thing I noticed and found equally amusing is that is a PR7!!!!!!
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    why are you worrying about the PR i have an example of a website which is not a SMO sites not any kind of band but a single page wewbsite with 0 backlinks still has pr 9 IF dont believ e just check this Project Bluebridge | Smart Solutions for business
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