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Okay, so I've read several posts within WF, as well as some WSOs, and WSO promotional offers and so on, and I wanted to ask a question that hopefully can have some light shed on it.

I am trying to target for certain keywords, and I believe I have the on-page SEO fine (over 1000 words, 2%+ kw density, internal links to other pages via keywords of those pages, a link to an authority site on the home page such as Wikipedia, I've italicized and bolded and underlined the keyword at least once on the page, and the content is unique and well written, not created for SEO only type content). This is for my domain that is over 8 years old now. When I last checked, the keyword I'm trying to rank page 1 for, is currently at #46 (jumped from #110 to #55 and now #46).

My question regards the backlinks aspect of things however. Per Majestic, I have 82 referring domains and over 300 backlinks (according to MajesticSEO). In MS, it supposedly says I have more than that, but anyway, that's not my question.

My question is: What are the best inexpensive ways recommended to provide targeted backlinks in a timely manner that doesn't require me doing all the work myself? I've been looking into Fiverr for some gigs but obviously, I don't want to buy a gig that promises me 1000 backlinks in 3 days as for one, the time is too quick and may post a flag, and second, the sites they backlink to aren't targeted towards my niche.

I also am not trying to use sites like Linkvana or BMR (if it's up now that is), but trying to find the best way to possibly building up at least 10 - 20 backlinks a day for my keyword, without flagging myself, but that also is inexpensive and not so time consuming.

I could probably sit here and try to do it manually, but going to the forums in my niche and posting is a bit time consuming, but even more time consuming is writing at least 5 or 10 articles a day just to try to build the backlinking. I'm trying to utilize my time to the best of my ability, given I have more or less, a 3 hour window each day to devote not only to my site and its content, but to a few other sites I have as well.

Any recommendations (especially if any of you know of a Fiverr gig that you DID benefit from that gears towards targeted backlink sites in your niche) is greatly appreciated.

ALSO: If I optimize for a keyword and find that it's not doing much benefit, and I decide to redo my content for a different word instead, is this recommended and if so, how long should you wait from one keyword you tried to optimize for before changing to another option and trying to optimize for it instead?

(example: I optimize (not my niche) for anti-aging cream today. In 4 weeks, I find I'm not making any headway, so I change my keyword to wrinkle free cream. Should I have waited longer and worked on anti-aging cream longer, or is it okay to change a keyword after a few weeks and try to target it instead? This of course being after keyword research was done and a great option of keyword was chosen)

Thanks in advance...
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    It sounds like you've done your research for onsite SEO, but nowadays only a very small part of your ranking on Google is determined by onsite factors, in fact it seems like only about 20% or so of your ranking is based on onsite factors.

    In order to save time and money, the first thing you're going to need in order to start working at creating back links to your site is a large amount of "unique" articles. Instead of paying for each one of these articles, I would purchase 2-5 articles of around 300 -400 words apiece and then run them through a spinner such as The Best Spinner to generate a nice batch of ready to post articles.

    You can buy these articles on sites like textbroker, or getarticles done (a UAW article pack would be a low cost solution and can help eliminate the need for as much spinning) and rest assured knowing that you'll have a pre-screened professional writer working on your articles. I've also had good success with hiring on O-desk, but this can be more time consuming as you have to "interview" applicants and then hope you picked a qualified writer.

    Once you've got your articles go to sites such as,,, and so on and post your articles with the link back to your site. A google search for terms like "ezine articles" and "article submission sites" will give you a great start. Doing this manually can be time consuming but it helps keep it cheap.

    If you are thinking you may change your content down the road, I would create a special page for your product, and build links towards that interior page so that when you have a new product you do not lose the value you have created towards to original product.

    As for time until you throw in the towel on a keyword, the main thing that I tell all of my clients is that SEO takes time, and it's important to be prepared to target a keyword phrase for at least 3-6 months. If you only try to target a keyword for a month then switch to a new one, and do this frequently, you will have lots of keywords on the 2nd and 3rd page of Google, and none in the top spots of the first page where they can generate traffic. If you've done proper keyword research and selected the right phrase, it's worth the time and effort.
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