COnfused on which keywords to target?

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I am going to setup an Authority site on a disease. So I searched for the list of keywords and adwords took gave me around 400 keywords..

So I am confused on which keyword to target... Please helo me out
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    Choose the ones that are relevant to your website. Adwords will give you a lot of variations to the keyword you entered. You need to pick a few long tail ones that will be relevant to your main.
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    Yep. Make sure you pick out keywords that are relevant to your main theme.

    Also you do not want to go for terms that are TOO low searched (like 260 exact searches). Maybe that's just my opinion, but I would rather focus on the keywords that get a good search volume and then you will realize the you may even begin to rank for the lower searched volume keywords by default.

    This happens a lot.

    Also you should use a free tool call "Treepad" to help organize your website and help you with the structure.

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    Use the adwords keyword tool and investigate about which keyword is searched a lot, also check the competition (for the beginning you should try to choose one or two low competition keywords, one or more normal, but NO high competition keywords... Unless you have more experience!)

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