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In my wordpress theme the header area contains my website title (ranking keywords).

I display this as an H1 tag which shows up identical on every page.

I have now learned that the H1 tag should preferably be unique to each page, and related to that individual pages content.

Should I change my header title to a h3 tag then use an h1 below that in the content area?
(or should the h1 always remain at the top before any other subheading tags)

Or should I just use 2 H1 tags per page?
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    H1 only 1 per page. Usually i change my header format, or change my article title to H2, so only one H1 exist.
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    Ok thanks.

    Would it be okay to change my header title to a H2/H3 or P tag with custom class (as I wan't this to be the same on every page - displays website name with a logo beside it).

    And more importantly, will it matter if I have a h1 tag below this as it will no longer be hierarchical?

    I have no idea how to fix this problem!
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    don't think so. no need to change if its already indexed. and these tags don't have the values like before.
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    I don't know what theme you use. But most of the themes I have used already have following structure:

    -Website Title as H1 on Home page
    -Post/Page Title as H1 on Home Page (and Website Title as H3 on Individual Posts and Pages)

    And this really make sense as you must be looking to rank your post/page for particular keyword other than you use in your title.

    Go ahead and change now.
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    That's all i need to know thanks!
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    I do not know how this works for others but it works for me, I believe in only 1 H1 across the whole site. Basically titling the website. Then I use the H2 as the title of that section of any page and sometimes have multiple H2 tags on a page. Beyond H2 I break those sections down with H3's if I have them and H4's sectioning off parts of an H3 those. Usually I never get past H4's though.

    This seems to work for me and I will compete for some tough keywords using this format.
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    It is better to use only one H1 tag for each page.
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    H1 tag is very important thing in SEO,one H1 tag in per page and H1 tag is relevant to our website theme.
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