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I want to know please if a ok to write my real name in any index or local submission when i create a profile to my website.
Sometimes they ask for the personal name and for the company name (most of the time)...and i dont know if to write my real name?
I have a few local buisness and im creating a seperate profile for each of my bisiness but i not sureif to include my real name and the same thing about the email address....?
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  • It really doesnt matter unless you dont want yourself associated with all these busniesses in the public eye
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      There is only one local "directory" to go for, and
      that's google maps. You must use a real
      name, real phone, real email, etc.

      Now google does glean stuff from yelp, yellow pages, etc.,
      but there's no reason to use a fake name, as all real
      details of the business must be real. In effect, you
      can't hide anyway.

      I would not use anything fake for a real local
      directory I care about. Usernames and passwords
      are different, of course. However, I would not
      waste time on anything but google maps and
      the local phone book.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    You can use your nickname instead of your real name.

    We Focus on Your Growth, You Focus on Finding Clients While Label SEO Services

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    Thank you guys!
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    I use to hide my real name and then I started thinking on a bigger scale. If I want to grow my business to a whole new level, there's no real use in hiding who your are.
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    Not a problem, you can use your real name as well, this way you would sound more natural and honest to the internet community and we should use real name.

    Some times, we find that our name is already taken, in this case I make some minor changes in the name.
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