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Hi Everyone- Just wanted to share a step by step backlinking strategy that I've been putting together on and get everyone's feedback. Please let me know your thoughts and if there are any areas for improvement.

If you have a strategy that requires less work or has worked well for you please share. Here tis:

Slow natural process
Vary anchor text to look natural.
focus on having a lot of in-depth and long posts, with a few medium and short ones thrown in for good measure.
Use 1-2% keyword density.

Step 1: Write 10-15 quality articles 700-1,500 words. Post to website, then to ezine. Use one link to money site and one link to inside pages (or web2.0 property) using that pages keyword as anchor. Be sure to get a list of urls so we can link to these later. Create RSS feed of blog and send (or have sent) to various feed aggregators such as FeedAgg, Feedage, and countless others.

Step 2: Submit 20-30 lower quality (OK quality but rewritten by VA) articles to different directories (like 2nd tier articlebase, goarticles...) Also submit to related niche sites using BMR, content spooling network, content crooner. Link them to money page and secondary pages as well.

Step 3: 50-100 posts to blog networks (research and find high quality blog networks, post 100+ words each). Most links to 2nd and 1st tier articles, a few to money site or subpages. Look for a good quality blog network. Scrapebox? PLRPRO, AMA

Step 4: Directory Submissions: 150-200 backlinks. Link them to money site. Hire VA to build manually.

Step 5: Web 2.0 stuff. Choose 5-10 top web 2.0 sites. Build web 2.0 networks, then post content (quality content because it is close to money site). Use it to actually build profiles.
English language worker. Link web 2.0 stuff to money site and subpages.
User generated content type sites:

Step 6: Social Bookmarking. 10-20 bookmarking accounts. 150 bookmarks. 15 per day. Bookmarking demon. Link to everywhere. Linked back to the article with keyword that they were trying to get ranked.

Also, build social proof by form of 'tweets' and 'likes', etc... That stuff all leaves a footprint and Google picks up on it.

Step 7: Videos - Premium content promoting money site (do this myself). 10-15 videos.
Use traffic geyser or traffic mogul, tubemogul to submit videos. Make sure to social bookmark the videos once their up.

Step 8: Build your own network: domains on different hosting accounts under different names to appear like they are from different people... 5-10 sites. Register domains early and get the page live (put one page article up with some content, then send a few links to it so it gets indexed) so it starts aging.
Wordpress direct, portal feeder, automated way to build network sites .
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    What success have you had with this strategy?
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    This is something I'm just starting to work on with a couple of revisions. Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts.
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    Okay. What is the result you got in this method?
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