None of my web2.0 backlinks are showing

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For my resort I probably created 15 to 20 new web2.0 blogs and linked to my resort

sure some got deleted by the blog place but I would say 80% did not
the links, when I check ahref backlink checker
dont show up at all

I have a new medical site backlinked exclusively from web2.0, did same thing there created lots of web2.0, most of these by the way I pinged from Pinggoat
Perhaps I didnt ping them right I just checked the top tier row perhaps 20 of those checkboxed
I think I checked free version SEO spyglass
shows zero backlinks

ahrefs same thing shows ZERO backlinks
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    Make sure all of those web 2.0 links indexed by google.
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    Backlink checkers tend to not show web 2.0 and article directory backlinks, don't worry about it too much. The only web 2.0 I've seen get reported from a backlink checker is squidoo.
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    Actually all the web2.0 sites I had made for the powerhouse linkwheel fiverr gig, are showing, so I know those sites will index and show in the backlinks, this was in ahref

    I may just link to them on one of my wordpress blogs, seems easier
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    In mosts cases just to ping them WON'T tell google "come, visit and index my website". Try to build also some backlinks to them *(you can do it easy using social bookmarking sites!). Then just ping also the SB pages and wait some days for google to visit them, then this will surely help you get almost ALL of your web 2.0 pages indexed

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    try to ping those web 2 sites.
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