Anybody Else Seen A Traffic Drop Since Google Privacy Changes

by Texjd
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Boy, it's been a rough March and it's only the 5th. The only factor I see right now that has caused a huge traffic drop on my websites accross the board is the new Google Privacy Policy going into effect. The only thing I can see that is causing it is that the serp position is totally being changed depending on the user's seach patterns.

All my websites are pretty stable on serp position, that hasn't changed testing from different location proxy servers. But if I go in to one of my remote machines that has a history, everything comes up different.

And I can defintely see the traffic has dropped on many pages. Same rankings, just less traffic. Can't absolutely verify it yet but it sure does point to some nasty things to come.

I do get a fair amount of traffic from Bing & Yahoo (which are really the same thing these days) but I can sure feel the missing Google traffic.

Anyone else seeing this?
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    On a few of my #1 ranking sites I've definitely noticed things seem to be down a bit - I verified all my rankings through proxies etc... and yeah things are down.
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    I saw poverty and starvation from 2/29-3/3. Things are picking up today. Diversifying from Google has never seemed like a higher priority than it does now.
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    Yes people are leaving..they want to keep their privacy...GO BING !
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      Originally Posted by Dumkist View Post

      Yes people are leaving..they want to keep their privacy...GO BING !
      but stil google is good than bing e.t.c
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    You have to hand it to Google. They don't even allow 'opt out' for their new policies!
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    I experienced the same with one of my site but hope this should be a temporary effect.
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    I was assuming it was "dance" related as my big drop corresponded to my starting a new backlink campaign the week before. I had many terms drop from page one to page five, six or lower on March 1st. I never connected it to the privacy policy change until you mentioned it here. (Thanks for giving me something new to worry about :rolleyes: )
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      I stumbled upon this info today. Inside Search says the Google algorithm has been adjusted again. It was posted 2/27/12 and mentions that several changes would roll out ove rthe next few days. Sounds like this is the real reason for some drops. - Hope it isn't permanent. I can't post a link but you can find it at dated 2/27/12 (3rd article from top as of today)
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    Well, traffic is still down about 25% on most of my websites. Luckily I have some pretty good targeted traffic so sales are effected as much from lower traffic.

    The rankings are the same, which really bothers me since I don't think I got hit with the updates mentioned above. I have to think it's the privacy changes that are doing wierd things to serp position based on what Google thinks is best for you.

    I think Google has finally crossed the line in deciding for people what is the best for them. This almost defeats the rest of their time and trouble of ranking websites.

    Our three test computers get totally different results from same searches based on the history. This sucks but I could see it coming. Google is feeding as much targeted advertising as possible, therefor hoping to raise prices on Adwords.

    And it's working. I don't do much PPC for my sites but I have several customers that are absolutely addicted to it. And the costs are going up.

    I'm not sure if there is a solution to this issue. Hopefully the longer this goes on it will level back out. I don't know how Google can burn down all the computing power adding all this data storage. This is going to cost them too.
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