I got ripped off with my sites

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I bought 30 sites from a seller on this forum and lets say I just wasted my money. So I need to redo the sites. What theme have you used that is easy to convert to and has all the articles on pages with the page titles showing on the homepage. I plan on have 20 plus pages in time on each site?
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    has all the articles on pages with the page titles showing on the homepage I plan on have 20 plus pages in time on each site?
    All are article sites?. wants to change ll the sites layout or full? give more detail to discuss properly
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    Who buys 30 sites? You gotta take it one step at a time.. but for your answer, flexibility
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    Why would you buy 30 sites?

    You only need 1 or 2 good ones to start... and yes you are beginner because a pro or even an intermediate level business person would not have would not have bought 30 sites and gotten ripped off.

    It too easy to start a small blog and drive traffic to it and sell some basic products off the site.

    5.00 for hosting with wordpress install
    free autoresponder with listwire.com
    50.00 pay some one on elance to build you backlinks
    free to register for clickbank and get affiliate links
    50.00 pay someone drive some traffic to your site

    that's about 105 dollars to get your business off the ground
    why would you buy 30 sites and spend 200 300 or more

    if you can't afford the loss if something went wrong like some guy giving you bum sites then how were you going to afford managing 30 sites? just by yourself?

    or build backlinks to 30 sites or advertise 30 sites or write articles for 30 sites or opitmize 30 sites or tweak 30 sites.....get it its better have one good site if you are doing all the work yourself.

    people who buy 30 sites have a staff of freelancers that can fix the sites and make money with them even if the sites are worthless. They probably did their research and made sure the sites are profitable.

    I would make sure the domains have not been dropped more than once....
    google might not let you rank with those particluar domain names because they have been spammy or not in compliance with googles terms and conditions

    I'm willing to lend a helping hand.
    I'm also looking for good JV partners.
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    Originally Posted by windsorsprings View Post

    I bought 30 sites from a seller on this forum and lets say I just wasted my money. So I need to redo the sites. What theme have you used that is easy to convert to and has all the articles on pages with the page titles showing on the homepage. I plan on have 20 plus pages in time on each site?

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    All you have to do is turn each one of your websites into a separate catalog with forum, blog and it's own categories, tags and members area if you want. You get unlimited web forms for separate mailing lists - all in one place. Then, take each one of those domains and forward them to their catalog page...all 30 of them use the same shopping cart to make it easier to keep track of your sales and handle customer support.

    This is a website report about ladygagayouandi.com. The site is currently hosted in San Jose, United States on a server with the IP which is hosted by ISP Adobe Systems and receives about 124 unique visitors per day.
    I would do that myself but I'm working on open graph Facebook apps right now and that's taking up all my time. How much? Nothing except hosting and I just paid for March $39/mo. but until you start making money, I'll split the cost with you 50/50, how's that? And if anyone thinks I'm some kind of marketer trying to get a nut, I'm not. This just seemed like a good idea when I read the post above about how nobody buys 30 websites, that's all.

    ** There's one of those .edu blogs you can use too - and you can customize all the pages 30 different ways with Dreamweaver or Adobe Muse [free].

    I retired in 2005 at 43 and now I give away websites like these for FREE [hosting excluded]

    When you make at least $100+ per month, we split the profit 80/20 and YOU get the 80% Until then, you keep 100% and I'll help you drive traffic, get backlinks and put the domain in your name too!
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    Your question makes no sense.

    Why do you want to change your theme on the sites? What do you think that is going to achieve?
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    Buyers must always do the due diligence when buying a site, buying in bulk can definitely be risky. But since you did buy in bulk I'm going to assume you have a little capital to spare, in which case I would get them all updated through odesk for $100 bucks
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      I totally agree I really screwed up. I actually realized that about 2 weeks after I purchased them. I currently have senuke and have had good luck with it. I plan on working on about 5 sites at at time to get them doing a little something for me. But I think and maybe I'm totally wrong but if I have a theme with pages and the page titles show on the homepage, the people will be able to see all the information available and hopefully stay on the site longer. The way they are set up now they only show 2-5 posts and the rest do not show on the homepage.

      If anyone is looking to order sites from someone here I can tell you who not to buy the sites from.
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    I know I am going to sound like a broken record...

    Why would you buy one site, let alone 20, when you
    have no idea how to run them?

    Create one site. And I mean create. Become an expert.
    Then go out and do 20.

    I assume by the "theme" reference they are all wordpress.
    Go figure.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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