How to do Link baiting?

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How effective link baiting is to increase website ranking & Traffic and tell me how can I do link baiting properly?
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    You're going to need something legit to link bait with, people aren't going to write about rubbish, its not the easiest thing in the world but can be done. You can always try guest posting on other blogs and stuff like that too.
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    You just have to make very interesting contents to catch users' attention. Through that, you will be able to get a good number of traffic.
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    You make a webpage or content that you feel will increase reputation fast. This page performs as bait. If the webpage is better, confidently the viewers of the page will get the bait and link back to the website on any other websites. It's all depending on the webpage's content .
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    Try to add some interesting feature in your web page that attract visitors attention.Because if you add only content than mostly visitor's bounce rate will very low.try to put 2,3 images with your post.
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    Link bait is content on your site to which other sites link because they want to, not because you ask them to. Traditionally, links are hard to get, requiring you to sacrifice your first born child (and at least link back, which nullifies their value in some search engines.) But with link bait, you “bait” your content and sit back and wait.
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      Link bating has a role within SEO, but it should already be considered as part of the Marketing side of the SEO campaign. While the SEO Marketers are looking for ways to improve conversions, they should also be thinking about how to "link bait" others into linking to their site. It might be a one-time only thing, or maybe they can come up with a significant link bait every few months, but either way, doing what any good marketer does should be a form of link bait in itself.
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    Linkbaiting is the process of creating an interesting newsworthy topic keeping SEO techniques in mind and post it on popular social media channels. This content/ feature acts as a bait and encourages others to link to it.
    So, make sure the piece of content should have potential to get viral.
    To get the perfect linkbait fodder:
    - Get a news story out before anyone else
    - Be the definitive resource
    - Launch a competition/ quiz/ contest
    - Include healthy humour
    - Write catchy, informative content with killer headlines
    - Create belonging/ community

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    Link baiting is actually based on unique and informative content. You should be able to present something really valuable for free, so that visitors find it interesting and get compelled to share. You need, however, to learn to target your end audience very efficiently.
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