Changing Servers - Will This Affect SERPS?

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Anyone had any experience in your host changing your domain to a different server to upgrade your account?

Did this affect your SERPS?

Apparently my host is saying that it could possibly affect the search engine results by upgrading an account as it will need to change servers.

Anyone had a similar issue?
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    If everything about your site stays the same, and as long as there is no down time, there should be no problem.
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    as long as your domain ip didnt change , it wont affect your serp..if you still worried, then purchase whois guard before upgrading account.
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    It sometimes can have a negative when changing DNS servers or if you moved from a good neighborhood into a bad one.

    But most times transfers like this, have little to no effect. Just ensure they transfer the site quickly to minimize possible issues.

    If they have skilled staff, then you should have little or no downtime.
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    i think you may see some changes in the SERP for a short time. but after getting noticed by Google all the problems will be solved. hundreds of people are doing this every day so i don't think its a great problem.
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    The problem can appear if:
    -there is any site that is blacklisted on the same IP
    -the hosting have any illegal content hosted
    otherwise you are fine
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