How to Improve Keyword Ranking?

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I want know about best way to improve keyword tracking.
Anyone tell me about that?
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    Optimize your website according to your keywords.Place targeted keywords in meta tags and website's content.Then build quality backlinks and use targeted keywords as anchor text in link building.use all link building techniques to build backlinks and build only quality backlinks.
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    if want to improve ranking then create articles, and blogs. Submit them at ample amount of web 2.0 property web site using anchor text.
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      Originally Posted by johnasthlon View Post

      if want to improve ranking then create articles, and blogs. Submit them at ample amount of web 2.0 property web site using anchor text.
      ^ This in addition to building high quality backlinks. These are 2nd tier backlinks that help but require mass amounts to be effective.

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      How can I use scrapebox? Sorry mate I am new about this
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        Don't target very competitive keywords, select the right keywords then build quality backlinks, also use your main keywords in your forum sig.
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        Originally Posted by TheeBook View Post

        How can I use scrapebox? Sorry mate I am new about this
        There are lot of things in using scrapebox. But the main usage of scrapebox is blog commenting into list of blog sites. But be careful in using scrapebox. Don't use direct links instead. Use link juice for your links that you post in commenting.
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    wow that is a big topic...getting your keywords in the top of Google is an art and a science and you have to study it closely. If you are lazy and not willing to work, SEO is not for you because it takes time and dedication to see results. If you have that dedication I would encourage you to not listen to every single comment in forums because you are going to hear all kinds of answers. What you need is to study from experts in the field who have been around the SEO trends for many years and can show you what works currently and what does not. I remember when I started back in 1998, the SEO field was 360 degrees different from where it is today....Good luck and let me know if you have any further and more specific questions and I will be happy to help you more...

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    get high PR back links with the exact anchor text about your topic and your keywords. its the only way to get the high PR quickly.
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    Answer: Be patient.

    Do your link building but don't expect your rankings to hit #1 (and stay there) within the first 2 months. It can take even longer depending on a plethora of factors. Don't get discouraged, just keep building.

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    The main things is that Google looks for when it catalogs pages is the density of the keyword usage. In other words, how often the keyword occurs and also bWrite good content and others would link to your page naturally. That is kind of cliche, but content is king and could offer you the utmost benefits in terms of keyword ranking.
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    Right. I agree with davidpattrick12. Don't write articles for the sake of keyword rankings. You should also make articles that have great content (eg. helpful tutorials, interesting topics). That way, people would want to link back to your site/blog.
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    Proper onpage (title tags, meta tags, H1, H2) and link building are the best way to improve keyword ranking.
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      In my opinion you have to keep following points in your mind for keyword promotion:

      1. Use your keywords in the title tag and meta tag of your website
      2. Do on page linking of your website
      3. Make high PR backlinks of your website and for this use high PR do follow forums and directories
      4. Bookmark your website in high PR social bookmarking website like Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati and use your keywords in tagging.
      5. Submit articles in popular article directories like Ezinearticles
      6. Avoid Link Farming
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    Just Do the Whole Off Page Activities of SEO on Do follow sites.
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    two things: on-page optimization and off-page optimization

    do on-page first, get your keywords on meta title, keywords, and description and perfect the content around your keywords

    then do backlinking for off-page optimization if needed. you don't always need backlinks if the competition is very easy.
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    You can try do-follow forum posting with signature link, blog commenting, bookmarking, web 2.0 properties etc to improve keyword ranking. These are the most effective way.
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    Only by creating good number of quality back links you can achieve a good search engines rankings

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    After latest Algorithm updates, I suggest you more concentrate on your on-page optimization first like proper title tags and meta tags, content optimization, image alt tag optimization, header tag optimization. Than you can write unique content and promote that content in several social networking sites to achieve your website keywords ranking and traffic.
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    For improving you keyword ranking submit your site only on high PR and do follow sites. Do not post your site on bulk sites. Use good and fresh content for your site.
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    make sure you are not doing such mistakes.

    so the ranking will be improved.
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    Few things matter

    1. Whether single word or multi-word and unique or common. Common and single word keywords makes your job difficult.

    2. Keyword concentration - Make sure your meta title includes keyword and it is repeated in the page headline and in contents. Please do not spam to make it over concentrated

    3. Quality back links - Have quality back links. Quality back links are those which are not paid like and that really fetch visitors to your site. Actually paid but not paid-like links or natural affiliate links will also increase your SEO credibility of your site.

    4. Have unique content on your web pages. Google can easily understand if it is copied content.

    5. Track keywords whether it fetches sales/leads for you. You can use tracking software in the market to get attractive reports which keyword brought how much sales and leads. Euraff software can help you on this.

    6. Revamp your keyword optimization on the basis of keyword analytic/performance reports. Because it does not make sense to attract wrong visitors with wrong keywords.
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    Ranking a keyword is all things in SEO... if you knew how to rank a keyword, you are master of SEO.

    So it is all about your practical observation/experience. Try to rank any low competitive keyword first, if you ranked the keyword then learn what you did to rank a keyword.

    As suggested above, you don't have to be lazy, you have to provide continuous and progressive work. One thing more, please don't take help of black hat things and don't use any automated tool which helps in off-page optimization.

    Continuous/slow work

    these are key to ranking a keyword.

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
    Impersonal Google search? Check ->

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    First a fall create qualitative and interesting content Because the google values qualitative content. you have to do quality backlinks to your website with follow the proper google guide lines and create backlinks at relevant and high page rank website avoid 0 PR unranked websites and use the fresh and unique content it's very important to Improve Keyword Ranking at
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    In 2013 we see the lot of changes in Google's search results.We also know about the Google's new penguin 2.0 update,Now Question is what we do for ranking and which techniques are good for ranking as well as traffic and How to Work ?

    I found a blog post helps in getting some idea about this

    Read this post,In this post author gives the best techniques for getting ranking as well traffic.
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    Post a Quality Content and make good quality back links.


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    There are different ways to improve your ranking on Google .. Do Guest Posting, Link Wheel, Blog Commenting and Web 2.0 Blog Creation
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