Do U Automate your Link Building ???

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Do U Automate your Link Building ???

If yes, HOW?
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    Actually I don't as it is the most important job for any website and almost all websites rely heavily on backlinking for their traffic.

    Now if automating it was an easy task, I would definitely go for it. So may I ask you what you mean?
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    I just want to ask how to automate link building like using any software?
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    I think automation, or at least semi-automation, is extremely important if not essential in Internet Marketing. Especially if you're using wordpress, there's just no reason not to automate a portion of your publish+promote process. Even if it's as simple as setting up a account or Onlywire account, I think it really helps.

    I actually just answered this in another thread, but what I do is this:

    #1. My RSS feeds into Hootsuite which feeds to

    #2. Publish on Wordpress -> Re-publish on Posterous (which publishes to many other Web 2.0s) -> Publish to EzineArticles using WP Plugin (not quite automation, but fast)

    Those are 2 pretty simple, but still effective semi-auto backlink strategies that are completely free to implement.

    Hope they help!
    - Stephen
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    Can you explain more about the method #1 I have no idea on RSS feeds

    Will you check my blog
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    How can I get more links to this
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      i use social adr and social monkee .

      works great so far.
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    I won't be of much help!! I don't automate any of it. What's really been working for me is quite the opposite: the act of being savvy enough to find really great ways to get links.

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    I do and have been for years. none of my site have been affected by Panda or any other update...mainly bc my sites have good content and are always being updated.
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    Automating link building is certainly not a good idea...

    Google can discover automated link building, because, its automated tools blast links in one go... this may hamper your website's growth.

    You may use automated software like 'Keyword Country' for finding good sources for link building and finally, building backlinks to those sources manually.

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