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I want to learn SEO for the next months, I ve started by reading articles relates to SEO but I m not sure this is the right beginning because I am a little confused. Can you give me some advice ? Tutorials, articles etc.

Thanks a lot
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    The best source to learn seo for beginners is the google seo course which is provided free by google. Just type in the phrase "google seo guide" and you will get the official pdf for download freely.
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    wow didnt even know they made one

    its actually not bad

    Get Keyword Reseacher at CleverGizmos.com.

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    What about Lynda.com tutorials ?

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    Find some big threads in the forums, they are usually a good read. Try find some people doing a test or case study. When people talk about tools, google the tools and have a look at them.

    ask questions. A forum is here to help so ask questions that you need help with.

    START WITH ONPAGE SEO! seriously, start with on page SEO and you will be on the right track. Master that, and the rest will come
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    seobook would be a good way of learning to start with
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    You should read the tutorial video for quick learning of SEO points.
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    Learn from others who talk about what they're doing. Check out some blogs like AdsenseFlippers.com, SmartPassiveIncome.com, OnlineIncomeLab.com.

    All of them are great sources. There are tons more of great people and great sites to follow.
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    It depends on whether or not you're interested in learning about SEO or getting something that you can apply. Everything people have mentioned are all ways to start getting a grasp on SEO and how it is done. The blogs Mosa posted are all popular and well written with content on SEO.
    After you've done a bit of research and maybe ranked a few sites you might want to search for "the EXACT strategy i use to rank for ANY KEYWORD" where Nick goes into how he ranks his keywords, competitive ones included. Also consider checking out Google Detonator 2.0, which is a WSO on here. I would definitely do as much research as possible before looking into either of the above, as they are both relatively advanced SEO strategies. Starting off just tackle noncompetitive keywords and get a feel for SEO. Experience is the best teacher.
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    Read seomoz.org, searchengineland.com, participate in SEO forums. Before doing the above be clear with the concepts in this http://static.googleusercontent.com/...rter-guide.pdf
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    There are many resources are available on Internet. You can download it and easily read about SEO. If you read more about SEO, then use seobook, dmoz, the art of knowledge, Marketing is the age of google.
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    Oh wow. I tried Google SEO guide and it actually showed a pretty good PDF file with good info in it. Since you said you're just starting with SEO, take a look at it. Thanks to RoyalKing for the awesome suggestion!
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    Thanks for the idea's they will also help me thanks
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    For those who want to learn basic SEO , i do provide free 20 mins skype session, drop me an email for appointments (check last link in my signature)
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    First read Google official SEO beginner guide then start participating in SEO forums.
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    To learn seo,Just start working.Build a blog and rank it using the various information you read.Unless you get your hands dirty,You won't learn it.
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    Seo Experts Academy is good
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    I believe, you can learn everything from sources, there are certain things which you learn from experiences, when you actually jump into SEO of any websites.
    But, to start with you can try this Google's guide,

    FREE 30 minutes of Ecommerce Marketing consultation. Consulted clients like Overstock.com, About.com, Lowe's and more...
    Book at: hello@techzui.com

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    Whatever anyone tells you on here, pick one or two guides and learn from those.

    I personally recommend SEOBook.

    No signature here today!

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  • wow, lots of good ideas will try to have all the time needed to learn SEO completely thanks everyone...
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    visit seomoz. it's a complete guide from beginner to advance..
    it's very helpful and informative.
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